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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin September 8th 2020

Tuesday - another day and another house. Another town too. Wrexham . What would I if I were a visitor think of Wrexham? As we drove through I thought it shabby, unloved with many empty shops. Devoid of any character . It was not the town I remembered fondly of as a child. Then it was an hive of activity with bustling shops, markets and people . So many people coming in to do their weekly shop. We passed the Lemon Tree Restaurant . That used to be the Denbighshire Education Committee offices . Sandwiched in between 60's monstrosities and Victorian handsome villas . We wondered if today was going to be "our" house . Not too finished . Not too perfect . Somewhere we could leave our mark on . How hard was it turning ... read more
How come I never spotted it before ?
and it is goodnight from us

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin September 6th 2020

Gabby the motorhome , Sion and us two are currently sitting high above the Vale of Clwyd. It is a glorious view . We are parked up on an empty car park at the Clwyd Gate Public house . A pub with a view. It was a pub some while ago but sadly has closed down . Behind is now an empty motel . It looks dilapidated and rather sad. Why a Travel Lodge has never bought the place I never know. Living here in the past we loved the place . We always treated it as a visitor would . We always looked at the Vale through fresh eyes. The Clwydian Hills forming a backdrop which now is tinged purple with heather. Ruthin is such a pretty town . The red sandstone of the local ... read more
Rusty old road signs
Overlooking the vale

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin June 22nd 2017

Woolly says – It’s been a busy week for me, whilst the girls have been providing refreshment for the county and beyond I’ve been brushing up my golfing shots. The lovely pro here, Lewis, says I have five handicaps which I think is pretty good, the only problem being that to bring my score down further I need to lose my paws or brain…. I’m working on that conundrum! A day off however provides the opportunity to go and investigate more of the area. I think that this is a possible first of many for us as our planned visit is to a place that Zoe and I have both been to when she was small and the mammoth hadn’t taken over our lives! Woolly says – Through the windy roads we went, the swing backs ... read more
A New style to Banking!
Ruthin Town Square
Wanted.....Dead or Alive!

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin October 6th 2013

Suzy is sitting on the drive, parked up,partially cleaned but waiting for a bit of attention. We have been back now for two weeks and it seems odd to have all this room around us. After a month of living in a shoebox it seems wierd to be home. And it doesnt take long to want to be on the road again. Since we have arrived home we have partially cleaned Suzy but plan a big clean tomorrow. She is grubby from all the dust that was thrown at her. Out will come the carpets for a good hoover, the fridge and the cooker will get a clean and everything will be finally emptied out. Somehow you just dont feel like doing it sometimes. And moving house has taken over our lives with visits to houses ... read more
Inside Coca Castle
Tortilla Patata and coffee
Suzy hiding in the shade

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin June 29th 2013

Suzy has taken root on the drive. She has only moved a few inches and a few feet so that we can get into the garage and get the car out to drive over to Derbyshire twice and to Loughborough in Leicestershire once. She wants to be on the move again and so do we. Well what has happened since we got home. Summer has briefly been and gone. We had wall to wall sunshine which lasted long enough to get the grass cut and to get the endless piles of washing out. Suzy got a Summer clean, her cupboards were emptied and dusted and polished leaving her smelling of beeswax and lavender. Her bedding taken out including the duvets, washed and put on the washing line to either dry or air. The carpets were beaten, ... read more
Cactus flowers on Lokrum Island
Suzy on a campsite near Lake Bled
On the way to Ljubljiana

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin June 4th 2013

Now that Suzy is back on the drive and I am firmly back in work I find myself singing Sweet Dreams are made of these, who am I to disagree, I've travelled the world and the seven seas - Everybody's looking for someone - or in our case something. A song made famous by the fabulous Eurythmics and which sums up the last 5 weeks exactly. Our holiday was made of dreams and will remain as dreams for quite a while. It's now down to the cleaning, the Duvalay sleeping duvets are out, the inners on the line airing in the sun. The outers washed and drying. What fabulous bedding they are. For us - we would never go back to old fashioned sleeping bags. We get the comfort of the memory foam base and the ... read more
Slovenian Railway Museum
Lake Bled
Lake Bled

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin April 10th 2013

Suzy is getting ready for her satelitte dish to be sorted - we hope. Booked in on Friday this week to a guy in Telford who hopefully will sort her out. We are not paying as although the guarantee ran out a few weeks ago we could not and were really not prepared to travel again to Dorset to have it fixed. The company did not want to come up to do it on our drive and they did not want to send us back to RoadPro for the second time in a year. In the end the compromise was made and we are booked in for this week fairly local. We need to empty the van again so that they can get into it to find out why the dish wont come down. Frustrating because ... read more
Serancourt le grande
Serancourt le Grande

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin March 24th 2013

30 days to go .................The weather hasnt improved any but plans are picking up on holidays. It's just a month and the final countdown. The shakedown list printed off this morning and when the weather gets better and Kathrein is sorted we can start to pull things out of the van to check them over and put them back. There are so many things to do and it is getting rather exciting. The vans need washing but until the weather clears it seems pointless even trying. Since writing those few words the time has moved on and it is now 26 days to go. The snow has started to melt leaving behind that grey mucky stuff at the side of the road. In places it is still piled high and some of the bungalows at the ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin March 22nd 2013

32 days and counting - Suzy is standing in the snow. The weather has turned nasty. It began to snow last night and we woke up this morning to a heavy covering and a grey leaden sky. The journey to work was fraught to say the least with abandoned cars littering the road making it hazardous for overtaking and difficult for the gritters and the snow ploughs to clear the way. Gwernymynydd Hill was a shambles, drivers out of their cars with shovels trying to dig their way out. Cars left in the middle of the road. In the end I got to work,turned round and came home again. This time last year March was fairly temperate with mild weather and the reservoirs empty.Drought was forecast. What a difference a year makes. The clocks change next ... read more
The guard sheep - in Rothenburg
Sion reflected in the mirror

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Denbighshire » Ruthin February 1st 2013

85 days and counting.......................Suzy is still sitting on the drive perhaps a little forlorn waiting for Spring to come and the camping season to begin. Hints of Spring seem just around the corner. The thick snow that lay at her feet last week has finally disappeared and now we are being warned to watch out for floods as the melt water drips slowly into the soil and heads for the rivers and lakes. The pure pristine whiteness that cloaked the hills around the town have gone. No longer can we see miles upon miles of that pure whiteness that only freshly driven snow has. It has a hint of blue and silver about it that shimmers in the cold thin daylight and it stays that way until it becomes mucky and sullied from the tracks of ... read more
Llanrhydd church
Llanrhydd Church

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