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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno April 1st 2019

We have left Llandudno and hopefully will return someday, God Willing. Loved the Promenade and people were generally friendly.... read more
Pipe Organ

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno September 10th 2017

My feet could not just stay put on the ground. I had exciting discounts following my recent trips to both YHA (Youth Hostel Association) and National Express and so had a brilliant idea and booked 3 nights at Conwy YHA with return tickets from London for 90 GBP. I got up early and prepared egg sandwiches for tea. Brunch was fresh ham and cheese sandwiches for the bus! I arrived well in time at London Victoria Coach depot and got a good seat in the front of the bus. I got friendly with an Indian family who were spending their August bank holiday in Landudno sea resort in Wales. There was a black lady, sitting in front of me also who said that I must ride the Great Orme tram at Landudno. The weather was forecasted ... read more
River Conwy with boats
Walking on the walls of the Conwy castle
Conwy Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno October 5th 2016

Alex and I were joined by our friend Lynda for a couple of days at Llandudno. Its a lovely Victorian resort, although as Dad says, it faces north! We stayed in a hotel on the front, walked along the pier, explored the Great Orme, which is a great lump of limestone sticking out into the sea, oh, and found some caches, one of which was 15 meters from the car in the hotel car park!... read more
Lynda hunts a cache
conkers kept falling on our heads!
the River Conway

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno July 22nd 2015

Wednesday 22 July 2015 After the excitement of the last few days we feel the need for a slow day and the weather agrees with us. Beginning with a delicious slow breakfast, we prepared for a wander around the Victorian seaside town of Llandudno on this drizzly morning. The wide main streets of the town were designed with great foresight to let in as much sun as possible. Together with substantial Victorian buildings, this provides a gracious backdrop to the comings and goings of locals and at this time of the year, holiday makers in large numbers. This town has another most important feature: many shop verandahs provide shelter from rain and perhaps from sun at times. In our experience shop verandahs are a scarce commodity in the countries we have visited, so thank you Llandudno. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno July 21st 2015

Tuesday 21 July 2015 This morning we part company with our daughter and son-in-law as we head northwest towards Snowdonia. This part of Wales has been on our list for some time, so after a delicious salmon and scrambled egg breakfast and farewells we set off with a sense of anticipation. Welsh weather this morning is a mix of cloud and a hint of sun, but no sign of rain so far. Very pleasant driving took us through farmland and woodland spread across rolling countryside. Villages appeared and disappeared behind us. Signs gave advance warning of delays in the town of Builth Wells. This wasn't too bad despite the crowds assembling for the Royal Welsh Show, on every day this week. We drove slowly past what is clearly a huge event spread out over several large ... read more
Cambrian Mountains

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno June 3rd 2015

I recognize that this is only the beginning, but when I walk around Llandudno, I feel as if I am in a fairytale! Never have I seen so much perfect green grass, clear blue skies, and peacefulness. Tuesday I ventured out towards the neighborhoods and stumbled across one of the beaches. It was the middle of the day and no one was there. I hiked up a cliff that overlooked miles of water (and semi-blocked the 60mph winds) to sit in amazement. I fell in love with this view and stayed on the beach until the wind literally blew me away. Nanna and I went to all parts of the city where we saw many other eye-catching sights. We took a bus to Conwy Castle and climbed up each tower and through each secret passageway, a ... read more
Llandudno Pier
Abbey's Daisies
Prince Edward Square

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno June 1st 2015

It's been a long 2.5 days for my Nanna and me! This is a three part post so brace yourself. Part 1: A drunk - Sitting quietly in our seats aboard American Airlines, a man stumbling through the seats appears next to us. It is a steady flight yet he can't stand on his own two feet. The flight attendants try and guide him back to his seat, meanwhile, he has no idea what was going on and attempts to utter words. Not even ten minutes later, Nanna and I are trapped at the back of the plane due to the drink cart blocking the isle. Then, drunk man spit on some passengers and tries to walk around once again which put the head flight attendant in a complete uproar. Nanna and I decided this was ... read more
Dublin City Centre

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno July 15th 2014

I woke up a tad earlier than I had planned to this morning, so I got off to an early start. My hostel had a complimentary breakfast which included cereal, toast, and coffee. Score! After I ate my toast, I headed out to go find the tram that would take me up to the Orme Mines. I knew the tram started at 10, so I arrived a little before 10. When I got there, the gate was closed and people were waiting. They were filming some television show on the tram and it wouldn’t open until 10:30. I wish I would have known before hand so I wouldn’t have wasted time just waiting. A lot of people were unhappy about it and left. I ended up finding out later that it was a kids show called ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno July 14th 2014

Last night at my hostel I met a girl who was graduating the next day from Cardiff University. She is from Salisbury, near Stonehenge, and studied for a year in Wyoming. She has a degree in geology and wants to work with fuel. We talked about all the differences between America and England. She was pretty cool, but her friends were also in the same room. They were out celebrating and came back really late and got up super early to get ready for graduation day. We ate breakfast together and then I was on my way to the train station. I had to get off at Chester and get on a different train to my final stop, Llandudno. The Britrail pass has been really awesome so far. I am a little relieved because if I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Conwy » Llandudno July 5th 2013

I really can't figure out how long I've been awake. The confusion is over the fact that when I got to London at 8 it was 12 AM back in Denver - so really another day was starting right when another was ending. But I made the most of it, breezed through Heathrow, got down to Paddington Station in London, and then set off for the countryside of Warwickshire. I oddly enough stopped right at Oxford - where I should be back to in a couple of months. Ultimately, I went to Warwick Castle, probably the best castle in all of England. It really is a giant place, and I think is the prettiest castle I've ever been in. Everything is incredibly sumptuous and over the top. I didn't last as long as I wanted to ... read more
Entering One of Warwick's Gates
Inside Warwick Courtyard
Great Hall of Warwick

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