A Drunk, a Ferry, and Texas Weather

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June 1st 2015
Published: June 1st 2015
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Day 3

Bryn Derwen Guest HouseBryn Derwen Guest HouseBryn Derwen Guest House

A lovely view of the garden.
It's been a long 2.5 days for my Nanna and me! This is a three part post so brace yourself.

Part 1: A drunk - Sitting quietly in our seats aboard American Airlines, a man stumbling through the seats appears next to us. It is a steady flight yet he can't stand on his own two feet. The flight attendants try and guide him back to his seat, meanwhile, he has no idea what was going on and attempts to utter words. Not even ten minutes later, Nanna and I are trapped at the back of the plane due to the drink cart blocking the isle. Then, drunk man spit on some passengers and tries to walk around once again which put the head flight attendant in a complete uproar. Nanna and I decided this was better than the movie they were showing, so we stayed in the back for a bit and wished we had popcorn. We watched as the Pilot and Irish police gave him a talk and confiscated multiple substances. All the passengers were in on this scandal, if you will, and many cheered when drunk man passed out asleep. Other than that, the flight went smoothly and we landed around 7:30am Irish time.

Part 2: A Ferry - We took a bumpy bus ride to Dublin City Centre where we were told our ferry to Llandudno was cancelled due to strong winds. We didn't mind because we were absolutely exhausted, ended up checking into the Beresford Hotel across the street from the bus station and taking a four hour nap. Around 2pm we explored around O'Conell St. down to Thomas St. We walked by the Abbey Theater, the Custom House, and a bunch of little shops. Monday is a bank holiday so many people were on holiday for the weekend. By this point we were starving and picked the first yummy looking place we found. It happened to be one of the most well known restaurants in Dublin: Toto' Restorante Italiano. After a bit more window shopping and exploring, we headed back to the hotel to call it a night. Monday morning we woke up bright and early to board the 8am Irish Ferry to Holyhead, Wales. It was a beautiful ship; almost like a cruise (definitely nothing like the California bay ferries)! We enjoyed smoked salmon for breakfast as we sailed the Irish Sea.

"Where did I go wrong that none of my grandchildren drink coffee?" - Nanna

Part 3: Texas Weather - FINALLY we docked in Wales and immediately took a taxi over to Llandudno where we met up with the Loughboroughs who own the Bryn Derwen Guest House. They are good friends of my Nanna, and were very helpful when I first looked into interning in the UK back in September. We visited for a bit and then headed out to adventure the beautiful city of Llandudno. We had to quickly chose a destination as it began to rain. We ate an early dinner at The Palladium. This restaurant/arcade was a refurbished theater. Many of the original interior designs were still there and it was breathtaking. Nanna and I kicked back and enjoyed a pint of Guinness and a glass of Greek red wine. Soon we left to walk around more only to discover that it was heavily rainy and windy outside. Of course we brought the Texas monsoons with us to Europe... All the stores were closing early and the wind was blowing us over so we headed back to the house. There, we met some nice men from Scotland, visited, and played some cards. We also got to play with a cocker spaniel puppy which can brighten anyone's day!

There were a lot of unexpected events in the first two days here, but we made the most of it and had a wonderful time so far! All I can say now is, come on out sunshine!!


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