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July 15th 2014
Published: July 15th 2014
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I woke up a tad earlier than I had planned to this morning, so I got off to an early start. My hostel had a complimentary breakfast which included cereal, toast, and coffee. Score! After I ate my toast, I headed out to go find the tram that would take me up to the Orme Mines. I knew the tram started at 10, so I arrived a little before 10. When I got there, the gate was closed and people were waiting. They were filming some television show on the tram and it wouldn’t open until 10:30. I wish I would have known before hand so I wouldn’t have wasted time just waiting. A lot of people were unhappy about it and left. I ended up finding out later that it was a kids show called Mr. Bloom’s nursery. Apparently, it encourages kids to like gardening..not really sure what a tram has to do with it. After they were done, we were allowed on the tram. It was 6 pounds for a return and it took us all the way up to the top of the great Orme mountain. When you get to the top, you can walk around and see whatever you want to see. It’s a nature preserve of types and has great views of the surrounding area. I hiked around for a bit and found a boulder to sit on the top of one of the peaks. I ate my snack and wrote a little bit, enjoying the amazing view. On the sides of the mountains people write their names by placing rocks on the ground. I went to a spot where there wasn’t a whole lot of them and wrote my sororities Greek letters with the rocks. I really wish I had a mountaintop at home that I could go to and have a picnic on. I wandered through the paths until I found the mines. It was 6 pounds to get in, but it was well worth it. There are 5 miles of paths in these mines that date back to the Stone age. You aren’t able to walk through all of the tunnels, but it was pretty awesome. It was really narrow, dark, and I could here the drips of water. It was scary, but so cool! When I was done, I took the tram back down to the bottom and looked for some lunch. I was starving and decided to finally try the fish and chips. I don’t like fish, so I was really hesitant about it. I got the small cod, but it wasn’t small! It was actually super delicious! I went to sit along the shore and eat it when a seagull came over my head and tried to eat my food. That happened two different times in a span of 5 minutes. Now I can say that more than one seagull has landed on my head. They are absolutely worse than vultures and begging dogs. When I was done eating, I walked to the pier. They have a huge pier with shops and amusement rides all along it. It was cool to walk down and get a cool view of the surrounding ocean and mountains. After I walked on the pier, I went on a 25 minute boat ride. It was only 4 pounds, so it wasn’t that bad and I got a great view of the mountains from the ocean. It did make me nervous because I don’t really like being on a boat for a long time. Well, I like boats but not when its small and there are 45 other people on it. When it was over, I walked around the shore to head back to the hostel. I ran into a beach group that were talking about Jesus to whoever wanted to stop and listen. I stopped and listening and talked with them afterwards. It was just great to see people come to this town for a week or two during their summer because they want other people to know who Jesus is. I was really encouraged and was able to encourage them. On my way back to the hostel, I found a grocery store so I could buy a 2 liter of water. I wanted a bag, but they were going to charge me 5 pounds for it, so I declined and carried my stuff back to the hostel. Tomorrow I will be heading back into England to go to York. Then it is off to Scotland! Until then,

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15th July 2014

Wow, it looks like you're having a great time, and haven't even gotten to Scotland yet. Your grandmother and I may have to do a similar trip sometime. Keep up the blogs!

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