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October 10th 2010
Published: October 10th 2010
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We remembered seeing a very picturesque castle from Llandudno Junction station on 19 April and 21 April. We got on the same bus as we visited Bodnant Garden on Monday. We got off at Conwy Railway station.

We walked on the City Wall to the castle. It was thrilling to see the historic town and azure coloured estuary beyond.

Conwy Castle

After paying for the admission fees, we entered the castle from West Barbican. We walked past Outer Ward, and climbed to the Upper floor. We looked at the ruined rooms, riverside with fishing bots, railway, and Conwy town, etc from Walkway. Some towers were closed for being under construction on 22 April. We climbed on the spiral steps to the top of King's Tower. We overlooked the Suspension Bridge, riverside, Conwy town, countryside, and saw snow-capped mountains. Geographically speaking, we guessed that it might be Snowdonia mountains. The medieval castle contained a number of relics, e.g. windows, crossed shaped holes, arches, and well, and we weren't surprised to hear that the site was a sacred building for the Kings and Queens. We looked round the chapel, Great Hall, and Royal Apartments. We entered the exhibition room and saw a series of illustrations showing how the chapel, bedrooms, mourning rooms, banqueting room were used and conservation work has been carried out. We finally stood at the East Barbican where the Royal families' guests arrived in the medieval era. We looked over the Suspension Bridge and riverside. Like many ruined castles, holes which used to be windows have become birds' nest.

Suspension Bridge

We headed for the suspension Bridge. The property is managed by the National Trust. We prepared for the National Trust pass, but there wasn't anybody checking it. We crossed over the bridge, The authentic bridge was facing directly to the East Barbican of Conwy Castle, and it was matching with the medieval fortress. We came across a little bungalow displaying the previous owner's furniture and memorabilia. The suspension Bridge used to be a toll bridge, and the person who collected fees lived at that house.

City Wall

Afterwards, we decided to walk on the City Wall. We entered from Upper Gate, Having followed the City Wall, most of the spots on the City Wall were higher than residential houses. The highest tower, Water Tower was open on 22 April. We followed the spiral path to the top holding the rail on the right hand from time to time. The top of the Watch Tower offered a breathtaking view over the Conwy Town, estuary, countryside, Deganny village, and Great Orme in the distance. Afterwards, we continued following the wall northwards, and reached the Spur Wall by the riverside. The rail has been attached all way through the City Wall. We later on found that there didn't use to have the rail built on the City Wall in Conwy when one of my English teacher's family visited a long time ago. We felt that we wouldn't have tried climbing on the Watch Tower without the rail. We found the smallest house with advertising man along Quayside.

We had lunch at the authentic British cafe with piano music on the Castle Street.

Conwy Butterfly Jungle

Mark picked up the leaflet of Conwy Butterfly Jungle. We visited there in the afternoon on 22 April. The place was just outside of the CIty Wall, and overlooking Conwy river.

The greenhouse, which seemed to be a butterfly sanctuary was set in the tropical climate. We were advised that it would be quite warm inside of the greenhouse. Many tropical plants, e.g, plam trees were densely grown, and myriads of butterflies flying among plants, and drinking nectar from the flowers. In addition, there were some birds, reptiles, spiders kept in the greenhouse. Colourful and rare types of butterflies were flying beside us, but it was quite hard to take photographs of moving and shy insects. We found some butterflies possessing very distinctive wings. We enjoyed strolling around the tropical environment, together with being free from the danger of tropical disease. It was also pleasure to see a wide variety of butterflies and birds.

Finally, we got to the High Street. We saw some historical buildings and popped in several shops.

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