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Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth July 22nd 2018

Woolly says - I'm never one for missing an opportunity and having heard Jo discussing my former temporary home town of Aberystwyth I began packing in earnest. With the weather in the UK exceeding all known temperatures and realising that it could change at any moment I made sure to pack for all forms of weather including can never be to careful in my book. With the day fast approaching I added my sun hat and raincoat to my pile for good measure and set about checking the route. He seemed to think he was going for a year with the quantity or belongings and having sent him off to choose his snacks for the journey I repacked his bag shaking my head over the six rocks that he had in there and the guitar ... read more
Views of Aber
Our old home....well the attic was
Checking out the castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth March 11th 2017

Woolly says – As the bus pulled away I settled into my seat and along the familiar drive to the airport, it seemed a shame to be leaving Turkey just as the warmth was starting to envelop the country but there’s no rest when your as famous as me. I rechecked the flight tickets....well we all know that Jo is notorious for getting things wrong! I had actually got the times and dates right this time although I managed to loose a day having convinced myself that our flight was a Wednesday when it was actually a Tuesday, I hadn’t told the mammoth taking the view that I didn’t need to hear him laughing at my dyslexic traits once again. Woolly says – Having supervised the unloading of the suitcases I trotted over check the departures ... read more
Heavenly Cuddles with Hannah
Discussing the need not to hit a mammoth with Andy
Catching up with Max and Gary

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth December 17th 2015

Woolly says – as the train started to pull out of the station I sat looking quizzically at Jo and her fumbles. As a torn up carrier bag and strips of card appeared followed by one sock instead of the usual two I really had to wonder at my idea to take her out for the day. It might have looked odd but having a developed a hole in the bottom of my trainer the previous day I was onto emergency measures and unlike the mammoth find it difficult to find people willing to carry me around! Woolly says – Of course people carry me around ….I’m cute! Once the makeshift cobbling had concluded and we were the proud owners of one wet sock I thought it time to start Jo’s education on our day’s excursion. ... read more
A Cheery Monk
Tea for Two
Across the River

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth October 14th 2015

Woolly says – why do women take sooooooo long to get up and ready in the morning? Having finally decided to ignore Jo’s advice of leaving daughter Zoe to wake up in her own time I jumped up and down on her until she appeared to be conscious which seemed to do the trick, I really think she could get up for her burpday!!!! Patience is not one of his strong points and once Zoe had blearily pointed out that she had been working until the wee hours whilst the manic fur ball had been snoozing she agreed to get up to start her birthday celebrations. Woolly says – for some strange reason there were no presents for me but having helped daughter Zoe to open and eat some of hers I insisted that we hurry ... read more
I'm still waiting for you to jump!
Not a Tree in sight!
A Look of Distain for the mammoth

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth September 19th 2015

Undaunted by the cold, Woolly and I sat waiting patiently for friend Paul to collect us, well I sat patiently. Woolly says – How can she expect me to be patient when new and undiscovered castles are out there for the intrepid mammoth to find. Having tapped my paw endlessly and been told off, then sang before being told to stop terrorising the local population I was just getting ready to start stalking the gull inhabitants when our friend arrived. Our destination Carmarthen and a new and exciting area of Wales that neither Jo nor I had been into before. As we drove through the lovely country lanes I tried working out the meanings of the Welsh town names with the help of my friend who being born and bred speaks fluent Welsh and was able ... read more
Views over the Twyi
View over the Estuary
Floors aboe

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth September 18th 2015

Woolly says – Having spent several hours considering the weather and my attire for the day I decided that it was definitely time to wake Jo and ensure that I had enough food and snacks for our day out. Not being a mammoth that turns down an opportunity I had happily arranged with friend Paul for a small excursion. He needn’t have worried I was ready with enough food to feed a small army or at least my small friend. Woolly says – Having dragged all of the rucksacks and paranphaniller that Jo insists on carrying round with her down the four flights I was eager to get going. First stop of the day would be the delightful trip to the top of Consti Hill on the small funicular railway on which I have been spending ... read more
Red Kite coming into Land
Across the Valley
Lovely Carvings

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth August 14th 2015

Woolly says – I was up early, actually I’m up early every morning now with the cries of the gulls and the tide pounding the beach, I tried moaning about the interference in my sleep patterns but no one seemed to care or do anything about it! I’m not sure what he would like me to do about the noises of nature, shoot the gulls! Stop the tides! Woolly says – well she could at least try. Today though promised to be a treat, an outing just for me…. Well ok for Jo as well and for once we were on common ground in our liking for the day’s activity. Having checked the view from our garret window I pulled on my hoodie and mam o’shanter and was ready for anything, having then been hustled into ... read more
Beautiful Views
A Small Part of the Falls
The End of the Line

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth July 15th 2015

Woolly says – with the temperatures in the middle 40’s and the bar ticking over I found myself with a daily routine again, this usually entailed a small snack upon waking, followed by a short doze on the balcony and some breakfast to keep my strength up before the short wander to the bar where I could sit and snigger at Jo as she sweated away in the kitchen preparing my lunch and a snack to keep me going until that was ready. On really hot days I found it rather pleasant to sit in the fridges or in the ice freezer allowing my tusks to cool down. It’s rather disconcerting to open a freezer and find a short furry icicled mammoth greeting you! He certainly seemed to have the life of riley….. Woolly says – ... read more
First Mammoth to Graduate!
On the way to the Offical Handshake

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth April 17th 2014

Woolly says – with a few days waiting in Aberystwyth before catching our flight home I decided that Jo would benefit from some time out and a bit of fresh air, not to mention leaving the pile of tissues that seem to follow behind us. With freshness blowing around us we wandered down the hill to the town. Having been to Aberystwyth a few times now to visit daughter Zoe for some strange reason we have managed to miss visiting the castle on each trip. First things first a snack was in order, well I mean breakfast was over an hour ago! Having tucked into a few slices of the traditional Bara Brith – not as good as Jo’s home made one – we wandered through the small streets admiring the architecture and watching the seagulls ... read more
Cannons at Dawn!
Second World War Memorial
Views across the Town

Europe » United Kingdom » Wales » Ceredigion » Aberystwyth December 24th 2013

The day that Woolly had been waiting for had finally arrived, even more exciting than Christmas itself, although we will have to wait and see about that! After six months and many many emails he was to be re-united with his bestest friend Sion. Woolly says – Even the short drive to our rendezvous seemed to take too long and as the brown and cream livery colours of the Great Western Railway line hove into view and the large sign for Severn Valley appeared I couldn’t wait to clamber out of Ollie and race into the café to see if Sion had arrived with his carers Jen and Glen. The café was incredibly busy and having grabbed a table I spent the next half an hour bouncing up and down in my seat checking out all ... read more
Have ewe got your Ticket Woolly
Best Shot we could get of a Steam Train
Can ewe Hear me Sion

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