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May 22nd 2012
Published: May 22nd 2012
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I had quite the wakeup call this morning!! I was catching the train at 6h30, so I set my iPod alarm to go off at 5h15... but I forgot to check my volume. Sure enough, at 5h15 Born this Way started blasting into my ear, and I mean blasting. I literally jumped out of the bed and maniacally tried to turn the volume down. It was so loud I had my hands clenched around the earbuds and I could still hear it.

That’s one way to ensure you get up on the first try 😉

I got a coffee at the train station and just puttered around while waiting for the train – I do love how punctual all the transit is over here – 6h30 on the dot, good to go. The coffee didn’t do me much good though – I still took a nap for the first 20min or so of the trip.

(Speaking of naps! While I was typing up yesterday’s entry, I was laying down on my bed. I fell asleep while typing... a short 10min lap but honest to God, best nap of my life haha.)

Anywho, back to today! The train ride was lovely. I was sitting backwards so didn’t have much chance to take photos (by the time you see something, it’s gone) but there was fields and fields full of cows and sheep and the most brilliantly colourful rapeseed crops (horrible name, I know) but seriously, they were but the most vibrant yellow I’ve ever seen.

I also enjoyed passing through all the little towns – they’re so charming with the clustered rows of brick houses. There’s just something about them.

Once in Llanelli (which is pronounced something like Clanethli..? sort of), I dropped everything off at my guesthouse and headed off towards the Coastal Path. Gorgeous weather today – it was only 15 degrees, but it was good crisp air and the wind off the water was refreshing, even if it did a great number on my hair haha.

Oddly enough, the views of the coast on the Coastal Path are not that... coastal? There isn’t even really water to look at, it’s mud pools lol. But they were pretty mud pools! It was only about 2 hours later down the path from Llanelli that you have actual water and tides.

The walk was lovely though – saw all sorts of birds, including a huge flock of giant white geese that were louder than a firetruck. There were also a bunch of these blackbirds that sounded like a chirp mixed with a squeak toy lol. I walked around some cute little ponds, saw baby ducklings (aw) and all that. Basically I just enjoyed being out of the city and feeling totally relaxed in nature. Perfection.

I climbed up some big hill 2 hours into my walk – I was going to use that as my sitting point to do some reading, but it was far too windy – I would have lost my book! I settled on the picnic tables at the base of the hill, overlooking the bay area. Love it.

And of course, this would not have been a “first real day of a Julie trip” without me getting a sunburn. You would think after all these years I would learn that even if it’s 15 degrees, I will manage to get a burn. So thank you Wales, for adding yourself to the list of places I’ve visited that is known for being overcast and yet has still graced me with a burn. It's a good think I already love it here.

Tomorrow, I wear all the sunscreen. All of it.

Oh, and I’m currently eating the best fish n’ chips I’ve ever had. The chips are big, crunchy outside, soft inside and the fish is huge flakes of gooey goodness. I figured it had to be good because a bunch of locals were waiting to order – they know what they’re doing alright.


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