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November 1st 2017
Published: November 9th 2017
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Bridge to Town CentreBridge to Town CentreBridge to Town Centre

The bridge reflects the rhythm of celtic motifs.
The modern Welsh name for themselves is Cymry, and Cymru is the Welsh name for Wales. These words (both of which are pronounced ) are descended from the Brythonic word combrogi, meaning "fellow-countrymen". from wiki.

two quick stops... need a car to explore the countryside filled with hills, green fields, sheep, cows, and stone houses .. not to mention castles.

Holyhead …

This was landing spot in Wales after the Dublin escape. The B&B was within walking distance from the harbour. The path was roundabout and longer than the shortcut found during the next outing. Because of the early arrival there was enough time to find the laundry and wash all of the two sets of clothes that were in dire need after the seven days in Ireland with only hand washing in bathroom sink.

The small town is a big port with goods being shipped to Ireland. Certainly one would know all the inhabitants after a weeks stay.

It was interesting to see how many second hand and charity shops there were. Even better was the fine variety of treasures displayed behind the display windows.

Train to Cardiff …

Thinking I would see the Welsh Countryside I booked tickets for a train ride. Imagine my surprise when suddenly the welsh translations of station names stopped. The train was travelling to Cardiff via England.

Am having trouble remembering Cardiff … Bath has made such a great impression

OK....I've got the image .... took a taxi … everything looks so far on the map ….UN-necessary once I realized where the hotel was. The Jury Inn for three sleeps, in a room that was clean with the most comfortable bed. Time flew by. Outside to the right of the main door of the hotel stood a massive is here year round... beautifully painted , two tiered and lit to high heaven. On the left was thoroughfare leading to the museum, city hall and a green park still filled with the remnants of summer roses. In the centre of the park, a shortcut between university buildings, stands an absolutely massive fountain with muscular statues of beautiful godlike figures representing the virtues of warriors.

The museum had a special about dinasour/dinosaurs babies (have not been able to spell this since the first year of teaching when a student had to help me). Avoided that. Did justice to the rest of the collection.

Outside the museum was set up a huge tent. Asking two persons in yellow safety jackets I discovered that under the tents would be flooded an ice rink with real ice. Just had to find out how real ice was possible in Cardiff where frost is a special occasion. Apparently pipes line the floor of the rink and these pipes freeze the water. They even have a Zambian! Beside the rink a huge ferris wheel was being constructed. All of these structures were being erected in anticipation of The Christmas Festival.

The rail station had been visited to clear up further rail travel. A Chinese restaurant was come across and when it seemed evident that Asians were eating in there I could not resist. The Singapore Style Noodles were different ...and delicious! How different? The colour of the noodles was darker but there was a variety of meat and veg and just enough spice. The only spice available at table was chillies in oil.

Looked into shop windows, checked out the market
Amazing Collection of TilesAmazing Collection of TilesAmazing Collection of Tiles

Originally a distribution centre for ales and spirits now a popular pub... somewhere there is a rainbow flag...
and observed numerous arcades”. Did not dare go into those for fear of finding a treasure that could not be left behind. :-)

To the Wool Mill! ...This was some adventure... so as to not to carry on too long here is the tale in point form: Queen St. station to go one stop

2. to Central Cardiff

• from Central take the slow train past Swansea, and every other town along the way.
• At Weatherford find the correct bus going in the direction of Melin Tregwynt “... a woollen mill in the hamlet of Tregwynt in the parish of Granston, Pembrokeshire, Wales.
• At Fishguard get out and wait for the next bus.
• On the way to St. David's get out in the middlelet the Mercedes pay even though he did go out of his wayof nowhere and walk the mile and a half down a single path drive to the Mill.
• Miss a vehicle proceeding down said road.
• Walk briskly... hot it was not … at least no cows on the road.
• Decide to flag down next vehicle! And was it not a Mercedes Sportscar with only two seats....oyvee.
• The kind driver will return for me. Halleluya....I wipe my feet before sitting into the white Mercedes Sportscar ...and no Detroit wannabe ...Am invited for a coffee and I let Mercedes pay even tough he did me a great favour.
• Wool mill is in a lovely location ...but... it is not a wool mill is a wool weaving mill.... the machines are all working.
• At the end of the big room one woman is winding the warp for the next project on the weaving machines. She has to wind between 1855 to 3580 … do not quote me on the numbers ...should have written them down … trust that they covered six feet of cylinder one fingering strand at a time ...colossal job! Spoke to the person doing this job and in the course of the talk she offered me a ride back to Fishguard at 16.00.
• Had lunch, wandered around, took shots of everything, bought some cards and remnants, used the toilet(not called bathroom here) and four o'clock arrived in no time.
• Waited at Fishguard for bus.
• Arrived Herefordwest. It was dark. and raining.
• Arrived Cardiff Central.
• Wait to go to Queen St.
• Walk back to hotel.
• The streets are empty. The shops are closed. The carousel is shut off. Its 8pm on a Friday night …?????
• Find a fish and chip place open. That's dinner. Certainly could not eat the greasy batter, The fish was tops. The chips a little limp by the time I began to eat.
• What a day....travelled from 8 to 8. What a day!

Early in the morning its the train Bath and the Romans ...again....they were everywhere in Britannia!

Additional photos below
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The Fountainn in the ParkThe Fountainn in the Park
The Fountainn in the Park

The water has been turned off for repairs.
Coal Miner Coal Miner
Coal Miner

He statue stands in the pedestrian walkway in Cardiff.
Coal MinerCoal Miner
Coal Miner

Painting in the museum.
Puppy ThingsPuppy Things
Puppy Things

hese little dogs are all over the city creating awareness of needs of the doggy population.
Human ThingsHuman Things
Human Things

Read the caption... creating needed awareness... its like rabbits at Easter! and Pumpkins at HAlloween
Entrance to Wool MillEntrance to Wool Mill
Entrance to Wool Mill

There used to be sheep and wool production. The mill has been in the family for four generations.

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