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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 29th 1980

Geo: 57.4767, -4.23145It was mostly cloudy today, but it rained little. We left Ballater fairly early and headed north to Inverness. The drive was very nice, but, of course, foggy.It was early when we reached our destination. We settled, deposited the car, and headed into town to look about and eat. The only place we could do so was a department store cafeteria. Mum was feeling very poor. After lunch, she returned to the house. Ann, Pas, and I searched for a Post Office but found none. We also looked for the castle since our Open to View covered it, but we couldn't find that either.We got Mum from the House and took a drive around Loch Ness. Unfortunately, we ne'er caught a glimpse of the Monster. We stopped at a ruined castle and wandered about ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Ballater July 28th 1980

Geo: 57.0497, -3.04087We could sleep in this morning until 8.30h. O rapture! O bliss! And we didn't' leave the House until 11.00h. At which time we headed to Edinburgh Castle. It was dedicated to war, and, while being very nice in itself, I'm afraid that Ann and I found it none too stoking. After our short jaunt there, we went down to Holyrood Palace, the home of Mary, Queen of Scots. That was one of the more interesting of Palaces. Of course, I've enjoyed them all, but there were no silly little wax figurines here. Lunch followed, and then we left town. (It sounds like the Police are after us...)We did not stop until we reached Ballater. The drive got so foggy at one point that, bumper-to-practically-bumper, we could only see three cars ahead! It was ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Midlothian » Edinburgh July 27th 1980

Geo: 55.9503, -3.18761Today was not an incredibly tiring day. We went to the Tourist Bureau after breakfast to get reservations for Edinburgh. After the secretary had gotten all information plus our deposit, she told us that there would be half hour wait before they could tell us if we had accommodations. We went over behind Shambles Street to the Mercado Al Aire Libre and bought four peaches and two bananas. On the return trip, we got a sponge roll. Chocolate. Ymmm...After we were informed about our reservations, we headed out of town. We only made two stops between York and Edinburgh. One was for petrol. The other was to visit Mrs. Murphy and eat lunch. It was foggy the entire way. Sometimes it got so misty that the only visibility we had was up two cars. ... read more

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