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September 5th 2012
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We hi-tailed it out of Edinborough to catch the Rabbi 2 day tour to Loch Ness and Inverness. We decided to make this a fun bus ride regardless on how dull the other vacationers were.

We had a plan. First we would sit up front and try to dominate the conversation. Step one complete. Bernd has a good voice. The bus driver, Johnathan was animated and regalled us in stories of old. On the bus it was a mixed bunch of young and old, Asian and Indian and German , and American. etc....

Our first stop was again an old broken down castle. Followed by a sleep. That was me. The wife listened intently and watched the animated show of the bus driver while he was driving. His hands were every where but the steering wheel. luckily I was asleep. When I awoke I was chastised for sleeping. Sigh. I heard this all before. The next leg of the trip Siu Yee was asleep, of course that was okay.

We stopped for lunch in a town called Fort William where we had beer and Haggis. Dull town. I met a Shar Pei dog and his master and petted this unique Scottsh blue-tongued animll called Abbot. Off we went listening to classical music and stories again of old. untill we arrived at the falls. BIG DEAL. I went down the path to the falls and could not get close enough to take decent photos.

Next stop Loch NESS. The monster lake. You have heard of it I am sure. Nessie. Google it if you do not know about it. We met the resident cook who has dedicated his life to this myth. He has given up everything, including fsmily to pursue his dream. So far twenty years. He lives in an old library trailer (see pic) I aske d him if in the twenty years he has beenthere has he met Neddie? He said that he has seen fast travelling wakes but has not seen Nessie first hand. He was honest. i like that.

When we arrived in Iverness we went for supper right away. We ate the usual , but on our way back, we looked into a shop and saw these 2 amazing seemingly old fashioned bikes that brought bake memories. To our surprise there were two women in the shop doing renovations at 10PM . They promptly opened the door and invited us to ride the bikes out of the blue! I got on the bike and rode around in small circles thus impressing the wife with my ability. They were opening uup a cafe with bikes. I am not sure about the concept but will carryy it forward until I can surf the net.

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6th September 2012

Where is the pic of Abbott?? The Shar Pei!
15th September 2012

How could you possibly even consider eating Haggis? Yuck and EWWWWW... I LOVE THE HEATHER SHOT! ANY MORE?

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