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August 25th 2009
Published: September 2nd 2009
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Welcome to my tour of SE Asia. Where I hope to spend 3 months ambling through Cambodia, Laos, Myanmar and Thailand on a budget of roughly £30 per day.

Those of you who’ve stumbled across this page by accident may be interested to know that I am generally a quiet, retiring sort of person. The sort of person whom, when announcing a 3 month solo backpacking trip, draws incredulous stares, poorly hidden smirks and/or polite mumbles of not looking the type. “Hurrah for you” they say “how brave” whilst secretly opening a book on how soon before I return tail between legs, robbed of all my money and beaten to a bloody pulp.

It's probably safe to say I'm not your average interpid backpacker type. However, I am confident my extensive travels to date shall stand me in good stead (that most of these travels have been of the armchair variety will be but a mere technicality I’m sure), and should you return at any point to check on my progress there will hopefully be a grainy photo or two to prove I haven’t infact spent 3 months hiding in my hotel room.

Nestled amoung my list of "things to do" are to: explore the Angkor Wat temples (hopefully avoiding the worst of the crowds), marvel at Taunggyi's balloon festival, glide round sunken pagodas in Inle Lake, and relax in a hammok with a good book at every available oppertunity.

My planning (such as it is) is pretty much done, my bag is pretty much packed (and wonder of wonders it all fits, with room to spare even!) and so, armed with a fist full of stugeron (alas, I am a very poor traveller) and 4 pairs of travel knickers (yes, such things really do exist) I'm ready for anything and impatient for the off.

note to self: must get Myanmar visa, learn to use camera, purchase toothbrush and hairbrush. Then you'll be ready for the off.


21st September 2009

following maps etc.
Just a quickie to say have fun, don't get lost or eaten. I am sure that as long as you don't take your sat nav you won't get lost and will manage to find the airport to return for Christmas. Have a afntastic time x
23rd September 2009

Have a good journey!
24th September 2009

Bon voyage
Thanks for the the blog address...I hope you have the most amazing adventure and you find yourself again. I am glad to be coming with you on this trip from the comfort of my computer chair!! Have a blast and I can't wait to hear all that you get up too!! xx
24th September 2009

Bon Voyage!
Sorry, meant to phone last night. Have a fantastic time. Keep in touch and see you in time for Christmas x
26th September 2009

Found your blog address we have all taken a note of it, expect more comments. Hoping your having the time of your life, we will keep in touch take care love from us all xxx
4th October 2009

have fun
found ur page!!!!! hope ur doin well' enjoy all ur adventures. al keep in touch take care xxx
6th October 2009

Just a quick hello and how you doing? Hope you are still having fun and that your feet are not too wet! Also any ideas for Christmas? Got to ask. Take care x
7th October 2009

Re Ideas for Christmas
Not sure what you mean. I expect the tree up and decorated for my return (late 23rd) and a full christmas dinner for the 25th please.
7th October 2009

The Cheery nightshift gang
Hello, just want to ask u if u are enjoying yourself as much as we are?? Hope your ok and not beaten two a bloody pulp by now? Take care x
10th October 2009

Christmas pressie
Eh, you made your christmas tree expectations clear but what you didn't say was what you would like as a present, thats all. Hope you are still having fun x
11th October 2009

Chrissie pressie
Gosh, what would I like? How about another 3 months travel? Honestly, I really don't know, anything at all would be fab. Books are always good, especially as I'm limited now due to the weight of the darned things. What about you, anything available over here that you or Chris would like (note I always need tips for the men in your lives, this time will be no excpetion)?
16th October 2009

Still about
How are the travels going? Hope you are still having as much fun. Books I can do, but I need hints on what type you would like. Not sure about us, we are thinking of selling the house and looking for something else, new neighbour is rather noisy and is pi**ing me off! Soon be Christmas and you will be home, Pip goes to work with dad and he says she seems to be enjoying it a bit more now, Simon appears ok even though Pippa ate his bed!! Dads house is changing as usual so nice things for when you come hoome. Take care and have fun x
17th October 2009

Still Here
Hey Cate, Christmas is nowhere near yet, stop you trying to spoil my fun with horrid thoughts! Dunno what books, will browse amazon at some point and let you know. Wish Pippa would stop eating things, poor old Simon loved his bed. Hope the market has improved if you e truly thinking of selling up. Is Dad building an extension to house the pair of you then? Hope everyone is well, see you all in several months!
8th November 2009

It's getting cold here...
Just thought I would drop by to say hello! So, hello, thats the house on the market now so fingers crossed people will want to come and see it and buy it! how are things going with you? Hope you are still having fun. See you in a few months. Bye x
12th November 2009

lucky you to be warm

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