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May 10th 2009
Published: May 10th 2009
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So here we go! Today we sold off the last of our posessions at a car boot sale, and boxed a few bits and pieces to post to my brother in Vancouver. Then tomorrow I go down to work in Macclesfield for the last time, and come back on Friday. Then it's off to my cousin Brian's place for 2 nights to say goodbye to my family in Moodiesburn/Muirhead. After that, it's the start of what promises to be a very interesting year.

We're going to be going to Italy, Slovenia, and Switzerland to see some family and also where my dad grew up in Kanal Slovenia. I'm pretty excited about that it does have to be said. Then we come back to London and head over to San Francisco where we'll stay for a few days to try and catch some swine flu before we head to Hawaii to get married! Then we're heading to Chicago after that some time around the end of June and that's where things get a little strange.

We still haven't had Penny's Visa for Canada approved. So we're waiting for that to go ahead before we can move to Canada. I'm also waiting for my British Passport which hasn't showed up yet, although they have cashed the cheque!

Basically we can't make any plans after Chicago until Penny gets notice from the British Embassy that she's been approved, and then she has to give them her passport and attend a meeting in London. So we can't really go cavorting around the world as we'd planned unless they give her approval to live in Canada, and then we need to live in Canada for a month before we can go travelling again.

So it's all a little mad. Anyways, at least you know where you can find out what we're up to. Since we don't even know what's going on yet, this will be the best place for you to find out what we're doing while we're on the move and to see the photo's of the places we've been. The next installment should be from Italy some time in the next week or two, once we're on our way. That's it for now!

Scott & Penny


12th May 2009

Good luck Scott,
Good luck Scott, Hope you have a wonderful time travelling, and I really hope the wedding goes off without a hitch. Scotland won't be the same without you. Take care PP.
15th May 2009

toooooo drunk..;o)
heeeyyyy Scott..;o) hope that u r ok after yesterday night..;o)))) anyway good luck and take care
19th May 2009

Darn it Penny does this mean no more Thailand or Loas.
23rd May 2009

Have Fun!
Sounds like you are off to a great start. Have fun. Looking forward to seeing you in VanC. : )
26th May 2009

Good luck
Hi Scott Sorry I missed you leaving. I've just come back from hols and realised. Good luck and all the best Bon Voyage Bill

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