Days 8, 9 & 10- A Cosy Weekend

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January 23rd 2022
Published: January 23rd 2022
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Despite ending up having a lovely cosy weekend, our Friday morning was full of stress as I tried to navigate the workforce and we all tried to navigate not being homeless. The working and living process are much more intertwined than I thought, so when there’s an issue with one, there’s an issue with both. Which is SO fun. The stress didn’t cease even after we left the house, as our bus had decided it would like to come early, so after hurtling ourselves out the door with mismatching socks and billowing scarfs we made it on the bus and continued filling out paperwork/signing documents/sending emails and fielding phone calls. But soon enough we did manage to get everything done that we possibly could have, and so sat back and watched the world go by as we travelled to a beautiful restaurant called Henderson’s where we were meeting some family for lunch.

The food was all vegetarian and all so delicious. Or at the very least, I can vouch that my miso glazed aubergine with roasted chestnuts was incredible. The UK knows how to do good food. We were meeting back up with some of the fam later on after school pickups and such, so in between we went for a beautiful long walk down through The Grange. It was a really nice, cold day, and we must have been in quite a posh area because all the houses looked as though they’d be on the market for upwards of a million pounds. We argued about who would get to buy which house ("no, no, I change my mind, I'll buy that house and you can have the one next door"), which turned into an argument over who would have the richest husband. There was no clear conclusion.

We met back up with the others and only intended to stay for a little bit, but we were having such lovely time that we ended up staying for dinner as well. At 10pm we thought we’d better call it a night, and hopped in a nice warm cab to take us home.

The next day, Saturday, was a very lazy day. Travelling and touring around takes it out of you! And we HAD to finish game of thrones before leaving for London. So after a long sleep in, we chucked on our jackets and boots and went for a wee walk over to a coffee shop nearby. We used the coffees as hand warmers on the walk back home, and had them with a nice home cooked breakfast (or, it was 12pm by this point, so brunch) of veggie sausages and roasted vegetables. And then we spent the afternoon watching tv. Don’t give me that look! The way we see it, we’re not really here for a holiday- we live here now, and you can’t possibly be expected to never watch tv in your regular day-to-day life, right? Like I said, we had to finish game of thrones, which we did (and oh my god what an ending!) and then we started watching a show highly recommended to us called Yellowjackets. We didn’t go all the way through without stopping, but we did end up staying up til 1am bingeing it…. It’s REALLY good.

Sunday was an absolutely lovely day. We did admittedly have another slight sleep in (you can’t stay up til 1am without consequences apparently) but when we set off we went for a lovely walk along the water over to the Stockbridge Markets, where Uncle Robbie was running a stall selling vegan dumplings. The line was massive! And when we received our food we were suddenly not surprised at the line- they are the best dumplings I have ever had. We wandered around the market for a while longer and found a stall selling sugar coated hazelnuts AND authentic Sicilian cannoli… Trudi and I just couldn’t help ourselves. We had to get a cannoli for right then and there and then some hazelnuts for later on. And oh my goddddd… Mum you would DIE for this cannoli. So good. Apparently everything we’ve eaten in Edinburgh has just been blessed by the food gods. We then started the hour walk over to Nana and Pop’s place where the whole family was gathering for a birthday dinner. It was such a fun and lovely night- we found ourselves wishing we could extend our time in Edinburgh even further! But alas, real life awaits us. Only a few more days until the move!


25th January 2022

First time from Canberra
We can tell you’re making the most of every moment. Keep it up! All that delicious food might convince me to become a vegan. We did have a tofu stir fry last night! Lots of love from the auld folk.

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