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May 18th 2019
Published: May 18th 2019
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Dot's Scottish Breakfast at our B&BDot's Scottish Breakfast at our B&BDot's Scottish Breakfast at our B&B

What a pig! It's partially eaten before we remembered to take a photo.
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It was a wonderful day. We didn't have to talk to anyone. Those of you who read yesterday's blog will understand that comment. There were other Americans at breakfast - we didn't say a word, just sat a little away from everyone.

We are at our B&B in Edinburgh. The shower is HUGE compared to our shower in London. I can turn around with out bumping the water off. The controls are a little weird. Lot of trial and error to get hot water, but it works. Both places we have stayed so far have towel rack warmers. Must be the thing to have over here.

Dot had a huge Scottish breakfast. Picture should be here in the blog. Oatmeal (porridge here) with blueberries, eggs, tomatoes, mushroom and potato scone. Pig.

It was raining this morning, as expected, but we are prepared. We took the bus downtown. It stops just down from our B&B, though it looked like all locals were
Fun T ShirtFun T ShirtFun T Shirt

As soon as we got off the bus, there was a Game of Thrones store full of cool stuff. here is a fun t-shirt
riding it. I am sure we blended right in with our baseball cap and hiking shoes. Dot found a cool app we downloaded where we could buy a day pass for the bus and just wave our phone at them. Technology can be awesome.

The bus dropped us right in front of this store that was all Game of Thrones. So much cool stuff. There should be a picture here of one of the funny t-shirts. Beautiful items though, mugs, goblets, huge shields. Great timing with the final episode tonight. Oops, Dot can't watch it. We can't use HBO Go over here. Bummer! No spoilers!

We started our day (after the quick shopping detour) at the National Museum of Scotland. It is a fairly new museum, very cool, lots of interactive stuff. Much on the history of Scotland, which we wanted to review before we head for the Highlands. Also a lot on technology and inventions through the years. Cool little exhibit on x-ray and MRI. I put some pictures on the Metro Imaging Crew page on Facebook.

Once we finished that it was time to see the sites and power shop. The Royal Mile starts up
Chris and Greyfrier BobbyChris and Greyfrier BobbyChris and Greyfrier Bobby

Greyfrier Bobby is the dog that sat at his master's grave for 17 years until he also died.
at Edinburgh Castle and goes downhill for a mile full of tourist shops mainly. Even so, it was fun to meander and browse. So many wool and cashmere shops, lots of Harris Tweed. Lots of whisky shops. The rain stopped although the day was gloomy. Lots of people out and about since it was Saturday. It was fun seeing everything. We stopped in St Giles Church and they were playing this huge pipe organ while we were there. Put a short video on Facebook.

We stopped to see GreyFriars Bobby, the statue of the dog that waited by his master's grave for years. Big tourist attraction. Everybody was getting their picture taken at the statue. (including me) We also saw his tombstone/memorial. What a sweetie.

Don't tell Gary, but I went into Subway and paid 5 pounds for a fountain Pepsi with ice. Then, it wasn't even any good. It was PepsiMax, which is horrible, but mainly what they have over here. But...Dot has had an ice tea from Starbucks every day. I haven't asked her how much those are.

There is a Pizza Hut here that is a sit down restaurant that still has a salad
Greyfrier Bobby's GraveGreyfrier Bobby's GraveGreyfrier Bobby's Grave

Local dog people set up a memorial for Greybriar's Bobby. (or the local merchants)
bar like they used to. We didn't eat there, just popped in to see if we could sneak into the restroom. We couldn't, so we snuck into the Radisson instead.

We had a wonderful late lunch at Angels with Bagpipes. It is a Rick Steve's recommendation, and a little nicer than we would normally eat - definitely a few steps up from our usual pub, but it sounded really good so we decided to try it. We walked in and they were very nice, even though we had been shopping in the rain all afternoon, I had a baseball cap on, backpacks, hiking shoes. We basically looked like bums. Make sure you look at the food pictures -they include detailed descriptions of what we ate and the food was amazing and pretty. Everything locally sourced. When I used their restroom, I noticed that they seated us kind of away from everyone else. Just like France, Mary Ash! Everyone else was in a different room. They also served us really fast. I expected it to be a slow dining place, but they moved us right along. I guess we just don't blend in.

Just about everyone here takes Apple Pay which is awesome. Don't have to get the credit cards out of the wallet. Feels much more secure, but I also have no idea how much I am spending.

We took the bus back to the B&B. We got on the bus going in the wrong direction first. Oops. Little confusing here. But we hopped on and ran for another one. I am sure no one noticed.

Came back to our B&B and had our oreo cookie fudge brownie. Delicious. Pastries here are so good...I guess pastries are good everywhere, they just taste better on vacation. Vacation calories don't count. We ate our brownie in the breakfast room here at the B&B. There was another guy sitting in there...we didn't talk to him. 😊 Maybe by tomorrow we will have recovered from all the social trauma of yesterday.

I forgot to wear my Apple Watch today so I received no credit for steps, exercise or anything. Dot got 14,000 steps. Everything is steep here (hilly) and we always seem to be walking uphill.

Scroll down for photos.

Sorry the comments aren't showing up. I see them, but I guess no one else can. Not as good as my old blog site.

Additional photos below
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Huge pipe organ at St GilesHuge pipe organ at St Giles
Huge pipe organ at St Giles

I will post a short video on Facebook. They were playing the organ while we were there.
Cadenhead's Whisky Shop-another Rick recommendationCadenhead's Whisky Shop-another Rick recommendation
Cadenhead's Whisky Shop-another Rick recommendation

Being in Scotland I wanted to check out the whiskey. Bought a small bottle to try later. This place bottles there own with no water, or something. Couldn't follow everything he said.
Mimi's Little Bakehouse-another Rick recommendationMimi's Little Bakehouse-another Rick recommendation
Mimi's Little Bakehouse-another Rick recommendation

See the pastries in the next photo. Yummy
Pastries in Mimi's BakeHousePastries in Mimi's BakeHouse
Pastries in Mimi's BakeHouse

We chose the oreo cookie fudge brownie. Delicious.
Outfit I wantOutfit I want
Outfit I want

Just want I need -a nice wool outfit with a matching coat for my dog. Perfect.
Side streetsSide streets
Side streets

All around there are these little Close that look like scary alleys, but are really small streets off the main street. This one said Advocates Close, with another sign Devil's Advocate. They are called Closes because there used to be gates on each street to close it off at night.
Late Lunch-Angels with BagpipesLate Lunch-Angels with Bagpipes
Late Lunch-Angels with Bagpipes

Another Rick Steve's recommendation. Amazing. Pictures to follow.
Whiskey of the DayWhiskey of the Day
Whiskey of the Day

Just wanted to try it.
First Course for DotFirst Course for Dot
First Course for Dot

Heirloom tomato, sea herb, ricotta, cucumber
Main Course for DotMain Course for Dot
Main Course for Dot

Risotto celeriac, hen egg, hazelnut, wild leek. I tried it too. It looked simple, but was amazing
Chris' Main CourseChris' Main Course
Chris' Main Course

This was perfect for me: Beef 12 hour braised, onions, beetroot, sour cream. It looks like a steak but it isn't. Push your fork in the center and it fell apart. Amazing flavor. Plus a side of creamed potato with chive. Best mashed potatoes ever! So creamy and smooth, with a little something extra I couldn't identify. We cleaned all the plates
Dessert CourseDessert Course
Dessert Course

Pear honey cake, ricotta, Earl-Grey. This was a little weird for me. The ice cream was flavored with Earl Grey tea. The pear was flavored with honey and cake pieces were flavored with something??

19th May 2019
Dessert Course

The pictures are great. The food looks fantastic, the pastries amazing. I'm surprised the restaurant didn't make you sit outside!
19th May 2019
Dessert Course

Sit outside
They probably would have made us sit outside, but it was raining. They didn't have a choice. :)

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