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July 1st 2012
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Hi every one!!!!!

My great adventure was that we went to a castle near by and also that I know of that there was a king that was related to me so which was pretty cool and my dad says that since he died he said that I am the princess which I don't believe really and guess what My BIRTHDAY IS TODAY and I am turning 11 years old and when we got there from the airport yestarday there was a catapiller cake there for me so we just ate that and now we are watching the soccer game too so yeah today was fun. After the castle me and Russell played with the boy and the girl Alice and Royroe and I don't really know how to spell there names only i know how to spell Alices name so then we played there and played football (soccer) but when we called on them they said that they were having tea so after that me and Russell were talking about tea and saying how in Canada that tea is a drink but in Scotland it means dinner so yeah and we played with them for awhile untile we had to go home for some tea ( dinner ) and we saw this girl biking outside but my mom wanted me to talk to her but I was really afraid and right kow my mom and dad are wacthing soccer but I don't know who is winning and I am in the sunroom typing out my blog!!! I am so sorry I don't have any pictures because I didn't take any but yeah please comment on my blogs so i know that you are reading them and I might not do it tomorrow but I am not sure because tomorrow we are going to sleep in a castle but really a hotel which is cool see you all tomorrow love the comments you give me!!!!!!!!!!


1st July 2012

Sounds Like Fun!!!!!!
Sounds like you are having fun in Scotland!!!!!!! Right now, where I am, it is almost tea time (dinner) and I hope you have a great time!!!!!!!!!
1st July 2012

Happy Birthday Rachel
WOW !!!!!! 11 years old..isn't that great!!!!!!.............did the people who own the home you are staying in leave the cake for your birthday??did your Mom happen to tell them ,.maybe .......sounds like your learning lots about Scotland so you can teach me about it when you get home Hope you had a wonderful gramma
2nd July 2012

Happy Birthday, Rachael. Please, keep writing your blog. Grandma and I look forward to reading it each day. Love, Grandpa David

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