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October 24th 2008
Published: October 24th 2008
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so this week has been one of a catch up/planning time

i haven't done much except visit and make plans for the future
which is more than i can say i would do if i were at home
so hey, bonus.

so as it turns out i leave from scotland on thursday to head to ireland
from there i go to london for a week
then to berlin for 4 days
then to greece for 6 days
paris for 3 days
amsterdam for couple...
and back to good ol' glasvegas!
and then im home
surreal eh?

i decided to skip out on st tropez in france and go to paris for one reason
paris is huge. not so much in distance as culture. i was there for 3 days and literally
ran through major monuments that i waited my whole life to see
and museums
god i love museums. im such a dork and everyone now knows it.
if u hadn't guessed before
anywho so im going to go back so i can see the rest of paris
and spend more time on the left bank being a drunken artist(e)
u know, drawing charcoal sketches with a bottle of wine in my hand
and a beret.
well not a beret but a toque
its cold now!!!

and im not going to italy...gasp. i know what ur all thinking omggggg italy is huge, u need to see it

and thats just the point.
italy, like france, is one of those places where if you were going to visit, you really need more than a couple of days to do so. you cant run through the vatican.
heck, u cant even wear skirts there
so, im leaving italy for another time. hopefully in the next couple of years, but yes.

and spain. i dont speak the language well enough to meander around by myself
and im already enjoying the hot climate in greece for a week so i feel as though going there would only be for glutinous reasons. and again, theres not much i want to see there anyway

annnnd thats my plan!
everythings booked, ready to go, except my flight from athens to paris because theres no sales on right now
but it will be soon~~no need to fret.

i can only hope that by the time i get home, i will have enjoint my stay in amsterdam

im pretty psyched though, it should be a good time
and im home in like a month!!! which is crazy
the past year has gone by so fast!!!! and im on to bigger and better things
if i ever remember to pick up my diploma..

thats all for now, ill let u know how the next little while goes asap
miss you lots
now u know where i am...


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