Early Sunrise, Bain's Beach

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April 18th 2017
Published: April 18th 2017
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Early Sunrise on Bain's beach is a place my heart rests. The voices cease to the sound of the seagulls and the sea lapping. The gentle flapping wings and the cooing conversations of the pigeons join the chorus.

The receding sea tide leaves a jewel encrusted beach littered with sea smoothed glass of blue, brown, green, opalescence. Every morning among the jewels, I find a sea-smoothed glass heart.

Hello Sunrise

Basking in the delight of the absolute pure beauty, I find contentment.

Where did the whales go? I can feel them under the surface of the vast ocean but they have not shown themselves for days. I naively think that if I wait long enough in one spot, they will rise from under the glistening surface of the surprisingly calm sea. They seek breakfast.

My pockets laden with sea-smoothed broken pottery and heart shaped glass, shells and a microphone to hear the sounds.

Mid April - all seasons in one day.

Yesterday, snow then the mist and fog into a clear bright sky with chasing clouds. The walls were warmed by the bright sun. Now, they are cooled, damp even, but they speak. This place has lived a thousand lives of lodberrie life of fishermen and herring women on the harbour.

Today: Bressay

Raise your face to the morning sunrise, drink tea on the beach and feel the earth turn. The East has long welcomed the sunrise before us but it rises here graciously to warm the living - if only they could see it.

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