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Published: August 16th 2011
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Portree - Ullapool

Portree to Ullapool, with a detour to Shiel Bridge and Eilean Donan on the way

Breakfast was great, as usual, and we loaded back up into the car and headed off of Sky. Ali left her purple sweater in the restaurant in Shiel Bridge so we backtracked a bit to retrieve it. We had some time to kill until they opened for lunch so we took some more pictures of Eilean Donan while we waited. The funny part is that we ran into the guys that we met at breakfast in Shiel Bridge! They were the funniest little German men that were island hopping on holiday and I had completely forgotten about them until we saw them again. What are the chances?

So, we got Ali's sweater and headed north to Ullapool. Much of the roadways north are one lane with pulloffs so you can allow traffic to pass you. It was a slow trip but so beautiful. Ali let me drive for about an hour or so, finally. I did well until I got to an intersection and made a left-hand turn. I immediately got into the right lane after the turn. Luckily, there was no oncoming traffic and Ali (very calmly) pointed out that I was in the wrong lane.

We arrived in Ullapool and proceeded to find someplace to stay. We knocked on a door that finally said they had a vacancy. It was an older woman...at least 60 years old or so. Then, right as she was about to show us our room someone else knocked. It was a younger guy...probably late 20s or early 30s, looking for a room. He had a lot of tattoos and piercings, was dressed in leather, and was riding a motorcycle. The B&B owner was reluctant to give him a room and asked if we minded sharing a bathroom with him. We'd been sharing bathrooms with any number of people for our whole trip so we said we didn't mind. She discounted our room 😊 He actually turned out to be a really nice guy. He's from England, married with a child, and was just out riding for a few days by himself.

We left to go to town to have our last dinner in Scotland. Our flight is tomorrow. Of course we had fish and chips 😊 Ullapool is right on the water and therefore the fish is really good. The local piping band came through and played, which was a real treat for us. Ali went into one of the shops and I decided to sit out by the water and watch the sunset, the gulls, and the boats. I started talking to a group of American tourists and discovered that one of them was from Nashville! What a small world!

On our way back to the B&B, Ali and I decided it was worth getting eaten alive by the midgies to take pictures of the most incredible sunset we'd ever seen. We stood there until we thought we would go insane from getting bitten. Those little suckers even bite your scalp!!

We got back to the room early and started packing. We spent quite a bit of time rearranging the contents of our bags and weighing them on the bathroom scale to make sure that we wouldn't get charged for overweight luggage. We got to be after midnight but at least our bags were ready to go for tomorrow.


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