Bonnie Princess Ardice to Skye

Published: October 1st 2017
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Geo: 57.2843, -5.71552

Our first stop of the day was a pottery shop. We were there for over an hour, making our purchases. A "bonny" road along the coast was recommended to us. It was another one-lane but truly "bonny."

We lunched a Ullapool: salad and ice cream.

All day today, we pushed it, whatever "it" is, as we drove. It rained a lot, but at least we were in the car.

We took a ferry over to Skye and drove straight to our hotel. After a few minutes rest, we went out to dinner. Then we took a drive through the countryside. It was beautiful. The rain stopped and the sun was shining through a very thin layer of cloud. Ah, wilderness. And we had no cars to compete with for the road, only cows.

Had tea upon our return, then stayed up fairly late, talking with a family from Holland and a man from England. Pas behaved himself. And I learned that "Ard" in Gaelic means "high place."


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