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May 25th 2010
Published: June 3rd 2010
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The answer according to the song is "another day older and deeper in debt". However although the deeper in debt doesn't apply digging rocks out of ones new garden certainly lets you know that your body aint as youing as it once was. I don't know if we've excavated 16 tons of rock quite yet but by the end of the day my back feels as if we have.

The main project at the moment is getting our garden together while awaiting the stone for the patio/veranda (due next week all 100 sq mtrs of it).
Progress is slow mainmly due to the abundance of stones and the effort required to extract and remove them. We have managed to get a small part of the garden planted (lettuce, peas, cabbages, onions and potatoes plus the first of our hedging) and despite the lack of rain (no significant rain in May as yet) things appear to be surviving though only with the filling of numerous watering cans each evening due to the fact that someone forgot to get an outside tap installed and of course you can't put a hole through the straw walls.

Its now June, weather back to hot and sunny though we had a bit of rain (last weekend but not much). However garden is still surviving and I've now been joined by Rachel (Sue and Tober's woofer) in digging the garden so its getting there. Or rather was cos the stone for the patio arrived this week so the garden will have to take second place for a bit as I'm trying to get patio finished for midsummer (only just over 2 weeks away.

Wendy back tonight after her 3 days working in the city, and Rachel's having a barbecue!

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mad dogs and other lunaticsmad dogs and other lunatics
mad dogs and other lunatics

Keith, the other mad dog, and myself toiling in the sun
House from Pretty WoodHouse from Pretty Wood
House from Pretty Wood

brilliant time of year with a never ending procession of wild flowers
jun 02 001jun 02 001
jun 02 001

Starting work on patio/terrace some 300 odd slabs

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