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February 1st 2010
Published: February 1st 2010
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Some pictures of heating controls and some labels that seem to be mis-matched

Additional photos below
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You can see the different feeds into and out of the equaliser: the temperature that each of the thermostats is set to is written in red.
Pumps and other stuffPumps and other stuff
Pumps and other stuff

If you zoom you should be able to read the writing: just about everything is labelled.
All the controlsAll the controls
All the controls

Expansion vessel and overflow for solar fluid are on left and pipe in black insulated jacket is from the solar. There's labels on everything if you zoom in!
Jabels on the equaliserJabels on the equaliser
Jabels on the equaliser

Top connections are labelled F/CH for the farthest away one and nearest one says F/CYL - the ones on the bottom match. R/CH is directly below F/CH and R/CYL below F/CYL. These were labelled by the plumber. Now look at next photo..
DHW pump?DHW pump?
DHW pump?

but the pump which is attached to the pipe coming from the F/CH connection is labelled DHW.
CH pump ?CH pump ?
CH pump ?

...and the pipe leading from the F/CYL connection is labelled CH.

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