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August 10th 2010
Published: August 10th 2010EDIT THIS ENTRY

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1: Dolphins at Play 37 secs
2: MORE dolphins at play 49 secs
Last pitchLast pitchLast pitch

our last night at Oban
What can we say, last morning on the islands. Sad? Yes. Happy? Yes, in a way because it has been hard going, weather didnt really stop us from doing things, but mix with a very small tent and trying not to get things wet and that combination does make it difficult.
Would we come back? Yes, certainly but I think with a car so we could park near the Western hills and head off wild for just two/three days at a time and know if everything gets wet you can just dry them out in car.

Well, got tent packed up and went and waited for ferry which duly arrived...and left on time. We decided to have breakfast first so we wouldn't miss anything once out at sea.

Of course, while sitting eating breakfast, I look out the window and not more than thirty feet away are two basking sharks, fins, tails and backs (Marian thinks there were 3-4 of them)...typical, but at least I got a good look at them.

To cut a longish journey short, the sightings, in order:

A whale (we think), we saw the back of sometjhing big arcing in and out the

The last walk to Oban station
water, too slow and big for a dolphin.

A whale (I think) out of the corner of my eye I turned just a huge splash occured in the distance, a large object disappearing. To my dying day I will remain convinced I missed a whale tale coming out the water and splashing back in.

And then the school (s) of dolphins, there were loads. Oh yeah I hear you say! See the videos and sorry for quality but I was pretty damn excited and dont mind saying so, and far too busy watching them to check that camera was picking them up!

And after all that excitement, it was the two mile walk from harbour at Oban to the campsite where we started complete with bbq food and some beer.

BBQ comprised some old used bbq coals and a load of our little flame tablets, two are enought to boil a small kettle of water, we used a whole pack but our burgers and sausages were cooked to perfection, we were under shelter but outside and then we wer joined by the birds.

And apart from our walk to the station in the morning and

also on the last walk
our train trip back and our last walk down Market street in Hindley...That was our two week trip in the wilds.

Now then, what to do next year............

Additional photos below
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Birds feedingBirds feeding
Birds feeding

I presume a parent feeding the little one
Our dinner guestsOur dinner guests
Our dinner guests

They enjoyed the crisps and bread. Plenty more photos if anyone wants them

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