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October 19th 2008
Published: October 19th 2008
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this week has gone by in a blur
i dont even remember half the things i did, but i know i was having fun
as is the purpose of this trip
i did go into edinburgh for the first time this week with uncle graham, aunt karen, aunt georgina, uncle david and ben and lewis.
we went to the royal scots museum which was huge and fun and had all kinds of skeletors in it from the hikings
however, ben and lewis seemed to have formed some type of surogate affection towards me as i was the only one who could hold there hands whilst walking and taking the bus.
i basically learnt that im not the greatest mom that day. as ben informed me that the large stained glass artwork of the nativity scene was not a religious monument but in fact a scene from star wars.
the virgin mary was princess leigha and the sheep/lambs were storm troopers
i agreed.
hence making me a terrible mother haha
we also walked along the royal mile that day and hiked up a billion stairs towards the castle and parliament and had it of not been absolutely freezing, it would have been a lovely days walk around town.

the next day i went back into glasgow with aunt georgina for a day filled with exhuberant overspending
however, i did stop at strathclyde uni to pick up some info on there masters programs...father.
i had no idea how many universities one could fit on a street until i entered glasgow. there are 5. 5 on one street and a community college at the end.
crazy, could u imagine the mix ups that could occur at the pubs?
haha heyyy arent u in my class?

welll that day i bought a new pair of walking boots...that are knit like a cardigan, and some spiky heels that cause me to tower over the tallest of scotsmen.
thats one thing i do love about glasgow, they arent afraid to wear stripper shoes.
in fact its almost all u can find in the stores.
and...i like to be tall.

i also bought a little scarf wrap that has arm holes in it so i can start looking even more like a bag lady, some purple tights and a 5$ dress that sparkles like fun for new years eve!
i actually only spent about 100 canadian dollars, but i could have spent about a million more as i found topshop and river island. omg if u love sparkles and fur, shop at river island.

if u love sweaters with puppy dogs on them, shop at topshop.

last night i went over to aunt georginas again and we watched x factor with some beers, well quite a few beers, and then little britain USA which is the greatest invention on earth
they've managed to take, one of thee best comedy sketch shows around and sick the british humor on the americans without going overboard. its pure genious
in a kappa track suit

oh and i also died my hair black
just for a change
its actually really nice and makes my eyes stand out better than the red that was sported for summer
i also booked my flights up to almost the end of november
im headed from scotland to ireland - london - berlin - athens - paris - amsterdam - glasgow - home

its gonna be a crazy time
i hope i dont die or get an unidentified infection
which is common i hear

miss u lots
much love


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