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May 19th 2007
Published: May 19th 2007
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Most of the day has been spent studying for my Animal Behaviour final exam, which takes place on Thursday. Nothing much else going on here. The weather's taken a turn for the worse. While the temperature's been remaining pretty steady (around the low-mid 50's), the rain and wind have picked up a lot. After several weeks of relatively nice weather, the past week or so has been pretty nasty. Today has been pretty cloudy, but extremely windy; yesterday was pouring off and on throughout the day.
This past thursday was my last day of shadowing at the vet. It was a lot of fun. Most of the clinic's renovation has been completed, and I got to see some work on a couple of exotics, a guinea pig & 2 rabbits. The only thing that was annoying about the entire shadowing experience was the lack of large animal stuff.
Oh well, back to studying....


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