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November 11th 2006
Published: November 11th 2006
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Thistle hotelThistle hotelThistle hotel

This is where the conference is held. Good place, very central, and marvellous lunch buffets :-) (Photo: Rebekka Gross)
So, I survived my first ergonomics and training workshop!

There were actually about 30 persons attending, and the only backlash was the chairs: if you turned them backwards, you couldn't sit on them, which was the idea of one of the exercises. Ah, well, at least several persons came up to me afterwards telling me that it was both a good workshop and good exercises.

Today, they had asked the hotel to lower the temperature, because yesterday, it was typically British: incredibly hot inside while raining outside. So today was really nice inside.

The second big event for me today was the Wordfast workshop. Wordfast is a translator's tool used to help out, especially when doing text where a lot of words are repeated.
The guy that works for the software's customer service held a good basic session, giving us listeners a really pedagogic run-through of two hours. Afterwards, I got some more information regarding doing Wordfast training in the future, since it's not well known in Sweden and no-one is signed up as a Swedish trainer yet.

Lunch today included a buffet, which is of course handy for 150 persons, but somehow, the hotel had managed
Self massageSelf massageSelf massage

Hehe, this is me during my workshop. I'm on top of a stick, to show an interesting way of self massage against (temporary) back pain. When I tried this at home, I almost fell asleep... (Photo: Rebekka Gross)
to miscount us, so there weren't chairs enough today. Some of us started a sit-in and eventually, we did get chairs, but no table :-) And no-one complained either, we just laughed. This conference feels very informal in some ways, I guess it's small enough, maybe?

This afternoon, I needed a break from conferencing, so I went through some of the smaller streets around the Royal Mile here in Edinburgh. It's a pity I don't have all the time I'd like to spend here, but it's just to return, I guess. I never see so many redheads as in Gaelic countries! I feel at home :-)
So I crossed North Bridge and went to Victoria street, a typical central Edinburgh cosy street with several small shops and tons of pubs. I got myself Fearsum Endjinn by Iain M. Banks, one of his books I haven't (yet) read, for some reason. That's a good reason to go here: buying Scottish writers in used bookshops!

But now I'm back at this very cosy hostel, and I'm almost falling asleep. I shouldn't, because I'll have to return to the Thistle hotel for the last session of the conference later today, and then we're
Head massageHead massageHead massage

Another one during my workshop. This is to prevent headaches. Looks like people are having more fun tha usual at conferences, wouldn't you say? (Photo: Rebekka Gross)
going a whole bunch to a pub this evening.

But I managed my workshop, and people liked it. Now I may dare doing it in Sweden as well :-)

Additional photos below
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Eating without tableEating without table
Eating without table

Fascinating. I had to to a quick snapshot, sorry about the quality.
Carlton hill (from North BridgeCarlton hill (from North Bridge
Carlton hill (from North Bridge

This city has some fantastic views. If you're a Prague lover, you'll most likely enjoy Edinburgh as well, except the Scots drink perhaps a bit more Scandinavian...
Victoria StreetVictoria Street
Victoria Street

Good old book shop and later on the right hand side, also a good tea shop (not in picture).

13th November 2006

kul att se att neneninen är ute o rör på tassarna. hoppas det regnar mindre än vad det gjorde här hemma i Gbg idag. Trevlig fortsatt resa!
14th November 2006

Definitivt mindre regn
Jotack, att vara i Skottland var rena semestern, regnmässigt. Regnade i Glasgow, men inget man inte kunde motstå med normala Göteborgskläder :-)

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