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May 27th 2008
Published: May 27th 2008
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First LookFirst LookFirst Look

Here's my first glance at Glasgow - out the window of the bus that took me from the airport into the city center
Just a quick post for now - pics will be posted later tonight.

Arrived alive and well a full hour early this morning. Glasgow was gray and overcast but not rainy at all (actually I haven't seen a drop yet which is just fantastic). The view flying in was absolutely gorgeous. Just SO MUCH GREEN! Everywhere green. Really really amazing to see. During the flight I was seated next to a middle-aged schizophrenic (literally) and his ancient father who sneezed coughed and blew his nose obnoxiously loud into a hanky for half the flight. They were sweet though, true Glasgownians heading back home after a vacation to Canada. They were both absolutely terrified of flying which was kind of cute. The big guy next to me (and I mean big guy - the schizo) he crossed himself and whipped out his rosary for the first 40 mins of take off while his father read from a pocket bible. You think I'm joking...but I'm so not. I had to keep turning to look out the window so I wouldn't laugh. By the time we landed I turned to them and asked if they were nervous flyers hahaha

Everyone I've met
Second LookSecond LookSecond Look

From the other bus window..
so far has been really kind and helpful. I didn't have any problems getting to my hostel at all. It was only a couple blocks away from Central Station (the train station). I was the only one in my hostel room so far *fingers crossed it stays that way*. The hostel is also only a 2 min walk to the subway station where I catch the metro up to the campus here and it lets me off right on campus. So the location couldn't have been more perfect. With free breakfast included I think I got a pretty sweet deal for 13 pounds a night 😊

For some reason the University of Glasgow is really stingy with their wireless access - as in if you aren't a student good luck finding any - so I'm currently in a Starbucks happily typing away on my computer and sipping down a much needed Caramel Macchiatto *mmmmm* Also, not to worry - the plug worked just perfect. I have power yay!!!!

I'm meeting my friend Katie at 12:30 for some lunch and to catch up so I need to cut this short. So to sum up - I'm doing fine. Got
My plane buddies!My plane buddies!My plane buddies!

I never did catch their names - so I'll forever fondly refer to them as Schizo and Hankie
here all in one piece. Am having an awesome time so far so you don't need to worry 😊 I'll try to post up some pictures later tonight or tomorrow.



Additional photos below
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Euro Backpackers HotelEuro Backpackers Hotel
Euro Backpackers Hotel

For a hostel - much nicer than I expected it to be
Outside my windowOutside my window
Outside my window

It's a pretty nice view actually if you take out the building directly across
Shot of the cityShot of the city
Shot of the city

The next few I took from the archive room in the library - it's on the 12th floor so you get a pretty nice view of the campus and the city

You can see the highlands in the background!

27th May 2008

safe trip
Glad to hear you made it there safely, keep us posted Love Mom xo
27th May 2008

Glad you made it safe and sound. Can't wait to see some pics though. By the way, I hope you did the responsible thing and pitched Unisource as a potential supplier to Starbucks in Glasgow. Be safe and enjoy!

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