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August 28th 2011
Published: August 28th 2011
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Tina writes

Seeing the world has always been my dream in life but a dream I thought was unachievable and only for the rich. In 2004 I accidently came across a travel blog. This blog inspired me, I didn’t really know that kind of travel was possible or as simple. However, money was still an issue and I never really thought I would ever have the kind of money needed to do such a trip. In 2009, I started a new job and I discovered one of my colleagues had done a gap year and I realised from then that all I had to do was start saving. And that’s what I did. It took 2 years and Rob’s redundancy, but here we are and ready to go!

Over the past 2 years I have researched our trip to within an inch of its life by reading blog after blog, changing our route several times. I don’t think I could be anymore ready but I am still very nervous. The travel blog forum often puts me at ease and I have been assured all the panic will disappear once the plane lands. Fingers crossed.

We had a wee leaving party last night. Our friends and family joined us for one last get together before we go. Some of the people we invited, we often don’t see for longer than we will be away for but you just don’t know what will happen, so it was an important event for us. It was great fun and we had a blast. A wee tear or two was shed by me as the party drew to a close as I realised I wouldn’t be seeing these people again for quite a while, and also panic as I realised we were actually going! Later in the evening (about 4am), I shed another tear when I realised how much money we had spent! Really need to get into this backpacker frame of mind and quickly.

So in 4 days time we fly out to Rio and start our adventure. It’s gonna be cool.

Special thanks go to Ian and Manda Lloyd, Lynne Andrews and Sophie and Dale for their inspiration. Thanks guys, if it wasn't for you this either wouldn't have happened at all or been alot more difficult.

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31st August 2011

Get going!!!
So if your blog is accurate, tomorrow is the big day! I'm sure you two are nervous, eager, excited, and well, probably antsy as all hell just to get out of the country. Best of luck to you both along the way, and maybe we'll run into each other in that crazy world out there. I leave January 1 for Thailand to start a nice long trip too. Don't get bogged down by your itenerary, it can and most likely will change. The best advice I can offer you is take your time, enjoy, and remember to live in the moment.

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