Laggan Locks

Published: May 31st 2015
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Fort Augusts to Laggan Locks – 8nm

In hindsight it would’ve been better to go through the locks yesterday afternoon as over the rest of the afternoon lots of boats came up to the canals to wait the night and then pass through in the morning. Having said that, there wasn’t much room on the pontoons on the other side anyway, and this lower side was much closer to the town. Walked the boat through a set of 5 locks. Phil was motoring so I just had the bow line, so quite easy really. Going up is very turbulent as all the water is let in to fill the lock. SOOOO many people were stopping to chat – and suddenly I heard an Aussie accent saying G’day to Phil. They got talking and the guy was from Toowoomba…and knew someone Phil had worked with in T.ville. Very, very small world. Quite a few people have visited Townsville which is surprising to me. Went through some stunning canal, and Loch Oich. Found the ‘Eagle’ in Laggan. A floating dutch barge that has been converted into a floating bar/restaurant. Nice meal. Met a girl just sitting there and chatted to her for hours. Didn’t even find out her name, but had great chat and she introduced Phil to some different whisky – not that he really liked them much.

Stayed another day – went for a walk back to the swing bridge through the prettiest part of the canal so far…in my opinion. Jagged the sunshiney part of the day so had a beautiful walk through the woods. Had booked in for dinner tonight back on the Eagle. Met Amy and Joe – an American couple with their two kids and they came back to the boat for a short visit. Great family and lovely chatting with them. Really enjoying meeting so many wonderful people. Joe and Amy had hired a motor boat for a week and were exploring the Canal…also loved every minute of it!

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26th July 2015

Enjoy the rest of your voyage!
Was a pleasure to meet you during your stay at "Penarth Marina", good luck with the rest of your "Epic" journey and I'll watch your blog with interest! Just think of us during our winter when you're in "Sunnier climes" blowing the froth off a few "cold ones" Best wishes and take care. Phil Warner (Berthing master) Penarth Marina.

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