Isle of Skye

Published: May 1st 2009
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I am behind I am going to tell you about my Isle of Skye trip that I took last weekend.

I feel like life has picked up now more than ever. Now instead of having nothing to do, I have plenty to do. Go figure.

I can’t seem to stop moving these days…I got back from my 3 week holiday about two weeks ago, and this past weekend I decided that I needed more traveling in my life and did an Isle of Skye tour with a good friend. We actually booked this tour in February, so we both knew it was coming, but neither of us still had fully recovered from holiday.

We booked this tour through MacBackpackers. Alex had heard of them from a friend who had previously done it and recommended it. This company is quite large, and owns many hostels and does a lot of tours that go all over Scotland. The trip departed from Edinburgh early on Friday morning. Both of us forgot that we had booked a hostel Thursday night in Edinburgh and that our bus left at 3:30 on Thursday. Whoopsy Daisy. We got to Edinburgh no problem and wandered about for a while to get dinner. Both of us have been in the city before, so know our way around. We came upon this pub called “The Tass” which ended up being absolutely phenomenal. The best part of it that we didn’t know about, was that live music was playing that night. Their were anywhere from 12-14 people that randomly showed up and played amazing traditional Scottish music. We enjoyed it so much we were there for 3 ½ hours 😊

The next day our trip left at 9am and we were off. The tour can book a maximum of 29 people, because they have specific busses for these tours that only hold 29 people. Our tour guide was also our bus driver and he was pretty amazing😊 Throughout the whole trip, he would drive and talk through his microphone and give the history of the area, quiz us and give us prizes, tell us stories from the area, folklore and all that fun stuff.

Another great aspect of the trip was that even though the trip itself was quite lengthy, we were never on the bus for more than an hour and a half at a time. We had constant photo, toilet, castle and waterfall stops. So amazing!

We ended up going around the big peninsula that juts straight up and then coming back down to our little hostel in the town of Kaylakin, so we got some amazing pictures. The weather was cloudy and chilly, but still it was awesome to see the highlands! I wish I could go back when the weather is nice.

Probably one of the best parts of the are going to laugh at me for saying this...but was the chance to see a "hairy coo." Basically, a hairy, Highland cow. Right before we went through Stirling, we stopped at this place that was famous for their hairy coo, Hamish.
I miss cows and he was just precious, although he weighed one ton and had huge horns. If you youtube him, you can find videos of him. I'll have pictures up soon, so don't worry! You won't be missing out!

We got back around midnight on Sunday and I still haven't caught up on sleep. I am so happy that this weekend I literally have NOTHING to do! I handed in my final essay today and am ready to catch up on sleep and then start studying for exams. I only have two and they are pretty spread out, so I have time.

Nate and his sister Hannah and I are finalizing plans for when they come to visit in 24 days😊 I can't even say how excited I am! I am also getting loose ends tied up for when my parents and Justin come to visit. Apparently now I am going on a Highland Whiskey Tour with my family....oh darn😊

I am going to do absolutely nothing now...just because I can!



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