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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness March 24th 2012

Said our tour guide as we left Edinburgh. It turned out later that he wasn't joking. Right. So before I start my 4-entry review of my 5-day Highland Tour, I want to get this out of the way. In the past, I've described hostels and recommended them if I thought they were good. Because I tend to go to places that don't charge as much, I feel that it's a good thing for me to pass the word on, for their benefit as much as for anyone who may be reading this. As an (extremely) amateur blogger with very small readership, I don't presume that my recommendations do much. But because of that, you can guarantee that I am not benefiting from them in any way. If I say "you should go here" I mean I ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness January 29th 2012

Today was a long day on a bus. We started by checking out of our hostel around 7:15 and walking to the Royal Mile where we boarded our tour bus to see the Highlands. We don't normally like travelling by tour bus, but we really had no choice here, because we don't have a car, and the Highlands are a big place! We stopped at a few other places for photo-ops or little towns (which didn't have a whole lot of anything) just so the driver could take a break. The map above basically shows the route we took, but the highlights of the day involved visiting Glencoe - the site of the 1692 massacre of the MacDonald Clan by the Campbell Clan - and Loch Ness. The story of the MacDonald massacre goes something like ... read more
Callander - Our Morning Coffee Stop
One of Many Amazing Bridges in One of Many Amazing Coes (Valleys)
Just a Pretty Spot for a Photo

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness November 4th 2011

Our time in the Highlands has been mind-blowing. What a place. We had a great 3 bedroom house for 5-nights in Dornie on Loch Long, not too far from the bridge to the Isle of Skye. Dornie is a tiny village with 2 pubs, a shop and a coffee shop. We did a lot of travelling in the area. On Sunday, the first morning after our arrival, we spent time in the local castle, Eilean Donan. We then headed for a short drive down the road to Kyle of Lochalsh and Plockton. If anyone has seen the show Hamish Macbeth they may recognise the seaside scenes as the show was filmed here and it feels just like it. I could just imagine wee Jock, Hamish's dog, coming around the corner. We stood in line at the ... read more
Urquhart Castle
Oliver the Scary
Urquhart Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness November 2nd 2011

As I sit waiting for my trip to begin my mind keeps going over the last six months and how things have changed, how I ended up planning my trip and why I am sitting here writting. If I go back to March of this year my life was heading in one direction and it was full steam ahead, I now sit here wondering what is ahead of me.... Life is so incredibly unpredictable, are our lives mapped out for us with one route through the rough and smooth or do we have various routes that each of our decision lead too? Ive made a few random decisions in these last six months some of which are huge ovbiously the selling my home, leaving the city I called home, leaving the job I saw myself going ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness October 22nd 2011

On my last night of my 5 day tour to the highlands of Scotland and I must say, Scotland countryside is amazing. The view, scenery, not really weather, but everything about it was awesome. I'll chuck photos onto Facebook one day, probably not soon since I lost my camera stuff (inc spare battery and usb = ). First day was a long drive to Skye Island in Northwest Scotland. Very very nice place, the drive was long so we got there at like 6pm, so it was just dinner and drinks for the rest of the day. Can't remember the place we stayed, but it was small and pretty much only had one pub. It was awesome, they had two people playing a fiddle and one of those piano-thing on hands where you squeeze it and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness September 11th 2011

Waking up on the outskirts of Aberdeen and seeing some sun we felt quite optimistic the day would be a pleasant experience on our drive to Inverness. We haven’t spent much time in cities on our journey north. The small towns and villages have a far greater appeal. This morning we decided to drive into the city centre and, as it was Sunday, we expected light traffic. We found a large carpark as part of a shopping mall in the heart of the city. Walking through the mall we could have been in any city in the UK. Once outside the mall we knew we were in Scotland, but for a brief moment we could have been in Dunedin, NZ, walking along Castle Street, or Union Street, or ... The local council has restored one of ... read more
Big sea running, Port Erroll
Lighthouse near Boddam
Old railway bridge, Cullen

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness September 6th 2011

September 6th - 9th -- Inverness Traveled again on the train from Edinburgh to Inverness. I slept for much of the way -- the rumble of the engines along with the rocking back and forth of the train just lulls me to sleep and I find it almost impossible to keep my eyes open. If someone could find a way to install this in my bedroom, I would pay dearly for it! We stayed in a lovely B&B called the Bluebell House operated by Margaret and Neil. Inverness straddles the river Ness with some lovely walking paths and bridges. All the restaurants we ate at looked out over the river. One restaurant was in fact called The River - the food was delicious! We visited a number of places including a scotch distillery. The Benromack Distillery ... read more
Bluebell House B&B
Urquhart Castle
Rainbow at Urquart Castle

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 12th 2011

Geo: 57.4767, -4.23145... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 11th 2011

We got up at a decent time again, and had another quick, cold breakfast of cereal and fruit so that we could get out to the practice range one last time before we left St. Andrews. We picked up the shuttle to the course that drove right past our B&B and we were there in 5 minutes (it's generally about a 25 minute walk). There, Cor and I each got 50 balls and rented a club (I lied before, the balls were 3.50GBP and the club was 2.50GBP). Afterwards, we picked the shuttle up outside the practice range. As we were waiting for more possible passengers, a Coke truck came up behind the shuttle, honked it's horn, and in response, the shuttle (with its door open) whipped around the parking lot in a dangerous fashion and ... read more
Ardross Terrace
The view
Loch Ness Boat Tour

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 10th 2011

We drive to Inverness through heavy rain. Water cascades off the hills, streams carry mud down into plunging rivers. It takes two hours to cover the seventy-five miles. In the mobile phone shop, the two young assistants require ID in the name of Jane's company before they'll give her a new SIM card. Being on holiday, we have no business cards. Jane can show e-mails addressed to her at her company on her phone, but they need a credit card or a piece of paper. They're really sorry but they can't do anything without ID: it's for our data protection. After our drive, we're not giving up easily. There's some discussion between the assistants, who are trying to be helpful. At last they decide they can do it if Jane gives her password. Unfortunately, they don't ... read more

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