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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness September 2nd 2017

Woke relatively early, packed up the tent, and headed off to find breakfast, ...or a convienience store (proved to be a challenge in a prior trip). I tried the hotel I had eaten at yesterday, and while they served anyone supper, they only provide breakfast for guests (??). I was directed down the street and had a quick bite at a cafe that had just opened. Next, ...visit the Co-op for on route supplies, as the opportunities on route may prove limited. All in all, a good day of cycling along the coast and then inland for a while before popping back to the inlet at Inverness. I followed the A9 for about half the route (quite busy, and somewhat worrisome, where the highway splits at Tain). After which, it was (thankfully) local and B roads. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 5th 2017

Loch Ness It's lochhhhh not lock, okay? I got a tour by bus to the loch. Our driver was hilarious and had the same bass tone as Jemaine from Flight of the Conchords. We drove past sheep and hairy cows. Have we discussed the teddy bear of the Highlands? These Highland cows ("heery cooz") have ginger locks (not lochs) that cover their eyes in ragged mops and I just want to hug them to death. You would too. We boarded a ferry, where a tiny cafe served snacks and drinks, including hot chocolate with whisky! The driver said you'd be guaranteed to see Nessie after a couple of those, and that, in fact, he suspected similar drinks might be involved when anyone spots her. The boat guide provided a wee bit of Highland history, about the ... read more
Romantic! Take the knight off!
Must. Feel. The. History.

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness July 4th 2017

The rain came back! That's good because it means I can sleep longer and take a taxi instead of walking to the station. I booked an early (noon is early!) train to Inverness from Queens Station in Glasgow. The cab driver, Douglas, has a daughter named Kirstin, who might need braces, lard hope she den't. He told me about some promising destinations to keep in mind this trip and said not to worry about the drive, to jest keep te the left. Rolling farmlands, verdant countryside, lush wood. The occasional castle. The cutest little boy exclaimed to his father: "DA! DED YE SEE THE WEE LAMBS?!" and I just about wept right there. Wee is a real thing and it's every day and it breaks my heart with goodness. Inverness is a stone town on a ... read more
The fanciest train WC!
Cheers, America

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness April 30th 2017

"The trail is completely unmarked and passes through extremely wild and rugged terrain, far from services and facilities for much of the distance. Although many sections follow paths and tracks, there are also some sections which are pathless and a high degree of navigational skill is required. Walkers need to be self-sufficient and to carry food needed between resupply points. There are also several unbridged river crossings which can become dangerous or even impossible in spate conditions.The route has the reputation of being Britain's toughest long distance walk." En toen was daar het moment, dat de knoop was doorgehakt en Martine, Irma en ik besloten, dat we er voor zouden gaan! Een uitgebreidere voorbereiding dan bij alle eerdere voettochten die we hadden gedaan: globale planning, zeer precieze paklijst, opsturen van een voedselpakket naar de eerste B&B, ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 19th 2016

Wir verabschieden uns nach einem kaiserlichen Frühstück von unserer Gastgeberin, die uns noch erzählt, dass wirklich niemand etwas unterm Schottenrock trägt. Von der sinnlosen Sehenswürdigkeit mit Steinen im Boden (die einem niemals als solche auffallen würde), die wir wiedermal als Pinkelplatz nutzen, zum Schloss Dunrobin, wo zwei von uns bezahlen und zwei gratis reinkommen. Generell könnte man die Gutgläubigkeit hier mehr ausnutzen... jedenfalls soll das das Versailles Schottlands sein - siehe Gärten und der französische Baustil. Zufällig nehmen wir auch noch die Falkenshow mit, bei der der Präsentator der Star ist. Nachdem der Falke und die Eule jeweils ein Küken ganz gegessen haben und alle Zuschauer murren, sagt eine Frau: "I won't eat chicken tonight... I'll eat salmon". Sehr durchdachte Aussage. Danach sehen sich A und S das Schloss des Sutherland Clans an, während... read more
... und von hinten
playtime im Auto
bevormundende Waschbecken...

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness August 5th 2016

Once again, I had a nice big breakfast before I headed out. This morning, I was taking the city bus to the Culloden Battle Site. Here is a very, very brief history lesson as to why this battle came about on Apirl 16, 1746. When Queen Elizabeth died without heirs, her cousin's (Mary Queen of Scots) son became King of England (James I) and Scotland (James VI) of the House of Stuart. Here also is the execution of Charles I (son), Oliver Cromwell and no monarchy, Restoration of Charles II (grandson). His other grandson, James II & VII, who was a Roman Catholic, eventually became king. This made the Protestant nobles of England very glittery. So, his Protestant son-in-law and nephew, William of Orange, was prevailed upon to land an invasion from the Netherlands, which he ... read more
Battle of Culloden Sight
Field where Battle of Culloden was fought
Field where Battle of Culloden was fought

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness April 23rd 2016

Geo: 57.4767, -4.23145The pigeons did go to sleep last night, but they were up really early!I haven't mentioned the various hotels' breakfast buffets. It's mostly standard stuff like bacon, sausage, eggs (mostly scrambled), cereal, fruit, yogurt and small pastries. However, there's also baked beans, broiled tomatoes, mushrooms, and haggis. This hotel also has fried eggs and potato scones. The potato scones don't look very scone-like: they are made of potatoes (obviously) and look more like naan bread. Tasty though.It was very, very cold this morning and trying to rain. We got on the coach and drove to Culloden battlefield, the site of the last major land battle fought on British soil. In 1745, Bonnie Prince Charlie began a campaign to take the throne (the yearlong series of battles is known as "the '45"). He had a ... read more
Cairn passage
This does not inspire confidence

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness April 22nd 2016

Geo: 57.4767, -4.23145We are officially in the Highlands now. It wasn't as clear a day as we've been having, but it was still not bad. Very, very cold though. The landscape is gorgeous, ranging from low hills and glens to pleasingly alpine crags. I've mentioned all the sheep and lambs, but Martin says what we see is a pittance compared to how the area would have looked in the 19th century when there were tens of millions of sheep in Scotland. We've seen a few Highland cows (aka hairy coos) too.We visited Leault Farm, run by shepherd Neil Ross, this morning. I had actually been there before back in 1998 when Didi and I traveled together. I confirmed it by asking Neil if he had a dog named Glen 18 years ago. He did; Glen died ... read more
The dogs herd the sheep into a circle
I like this one with his butt up in the air
Neil gets the dogs to line up next to him

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness May 25th 2015

Today we were awake, packed, and ready to go on our Highland Fling bus tour at least an hour early. The tour is offered by MacBackpackers and runs from Monday morning through Friday evening. In 2015, we paid about 200 Pounds each, and I would have said ahead of time that I think it will be worth it, but by the end of day one I can say it will be. Our granddaughter Alexis took the tour last year and after reading about it and seeing her photos, we decided we'd give it a try, even though we figured we'd be the oldest folks on the tour. The mid-sized bus pulled up in front of our hostel right on time. We'd read in the tour notes that we should only bring smaller luggage such as backpacks ... read more
The Scottish Deli
Shops at the Highland Folk Museum
Baile Gean village

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Inverness May 13th 2015

13thMay Amble to Inverness – 227nm Wow, big double nighter!! Actually got into the routine of the 3 hr watches fairly quickly and by the 2nd night wasn't even tired. For quite a while after we left Amble, we had puffins and seals in the water, to keep us amused. The puffins really make me laugh when they try to take off. They must have a funny body weight to wing span ratio, so always takes great effort to actually get airborne. One poor little critter, was flapping his wings, peddling his little feet on the ocean surface with all his might.....only to hit head first into (admittedly rather a large) wave. Instead of flying out of the way, he then decided to duck-dive!! Also saw a few dolphins – big dark grey ones. Most of ... read more favourite
so cute
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