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April 7th 2012
Published: April 28th 2012
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Day one we headed up to Inverness with a stop at south Queens ferry for the bridges of forth and firth, at which our tour guide explained the bridge we were about to drive over had a shelf life of only one more year before it died! We all held our breath as we went over and our guide played the Paulo Nutini song, Jenny don't be hasty, which was ironic as they have't started building a new bridge yet! Haha

We made our next stop at the tiny town of Dunkeld which featured a stone making of a person so horrible that he raped 100's of women and got them pregnant but as he was a King's bastard son, it was generally ignored. Carol, our guide told us that if the boys touched the statue they would have a very bad love life forever and if the girls touched him, then we would fall instantly pregnant! We took photos and stayed away! Haha

We had lunch at Avimore and also saw the Calloden battlefields where many Scotish men were obliterated in a battle with England long ago, it was very quiet and sombering. The whole plot of land has been left as a memorial. It is aparently the only area of flat land for miles around the highlands but unfortunately the Scotish leader chose the flat land to fight in instead of the high country that the soldiers were used to. The whole battle was over in 20 minutes. A more plesant introduction was made when we saw our first "Harry Coo" close up, and there was even a calf! (Or "hairy cow" for the uninitiated!)

From there we found our first hostel in Inverness which I loved as it was a big improvement on my previous hostel - except for the 5 second push button showers (push the button, shower works for 5 seconds and then turns have to re-press the button to get another 5 seconds). By the end of my shower I had developed a serious Karate chop on the shower button.

On our walk into town the girls and I were almost mowed down by a cyclist who after he passed us unfortunely got distracted and had a collision with 5 wheelie bins. He went head over heels and managed to spread the bins and rubbish all over the footpath. His legs went vertically in the air, his head went missing in the debri and he sprawled out lying in the rubbish..... He was ok, just embarrassed but we all thought it was hilarious and the girls and I giggled into town (I don't think I am sadistic, if it was me falling over I would expect would laugh after checking I was ok!).

We had super hot Indian for tea and headed to our chosen pub Hootananny's which had a live band which played traditional Scotish music, it was amazing! I also had a dance with a Scotish local, THAT was an experience!

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1st May 2012

re Harry
which Cathedral? can't blame the cyclist for looking at the view just back from non-harry coos
9th May 2012

Dunkeld Cathedral

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