Will this marriage be legal?

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October 12th 2009
Published: October 12th 2009
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Trying to make this marriage legal

Since August, I have been working with the British Consulate to obtain a special visa to permit Ernest and me to get married legally in Scotland. For those of you who aren't aware, the British government in their infinite wisdom decided to require people wanting to marry in the UK to complete a full visa application, including life history of you and parents, financial status and work history plus fingerprints. Ok, I'll follow the rules. So I work to submit the applications in plenty of time. Now these apps sit in the British Consulate in Los Angeles for a month before anybody bothers to look at them. Then, we are denied our visas because we did not attach documentation from our workplace that we had been approved to take the time off! Not on the website as required! So, again in typical government fashion, instead of letting me send an email and clear up things in 10 minutes, they cancel my application and I have to start all over again, pay fees again. We are now 5 business days away from the Scottish Registrar's deadline.

So now we go to a visa expeditor in LA. After paying an extortion fee, they are able to get the visa processed in 3 days but neglect to scan the visa page and email to us and Scotland to save another day. So we lost time again in chasing down the FedEx package with our passports at 8:0 pm one night.

However, with the help of the Scottish government, we were able to plead for mercy and they waived the 15 day rule to allow us to marry legally.

After much frustration, anxiety and stress, this marriage ceremony will actually be legal!!!! My dream will come true.


12th October 2009

Paid off
Although this may seem frustrating now, you and Ernest will be able to look back on this one day and laugh. And, if ever in doubt about the marriage, remember how much ya'll went through to make that special day happen. After all, if the both of you can deal with all that drama, then the marriage is definately meant to be.
12th October 2009

That's great!
I can't wait to see pictures :). Love you.
12th October 2009

14th October 2009

I am thrilled that you are able to live out what you have been dreaming...it will always be a wonderful memory.

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