Published: May 29th 2009
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Perth and Guiness go oh so wellPerth and Guiness go oh so wellPerth and Guiness go oh so well

I said to myself I love my life right before I took this haha
Today I woke up had some McDonalds for breaky!! They have cappachinos here kinda funny but tastes way better than the shit coffee. It was more like Scottish weather today kinda overcast but the rain held off. I managed to talk the hostel guy into giving me a sweatshirt so that I could fend off a bit of the weather because the Bedford never sent me anything saying we have your jacket. GREAT being in Scotland thats the ONE thing you need is a rain jacket and I had nothing of the sort. Oh well here we go. Took the train to Perth even though I wasn't scheduled to leave till 530 I took the 11am haha fuckers. It worked too I was a bit scetch watching for the conductor to come round but he never did thank god. Got off and walked around managed to find another Library. Im the undisputed king of free internet time haha!!! It works everytime they just set you up as a guest and if its not busy you can go nuts on it. So i spent like 2 hrs this time.
After that I figured I should see a bit of what the town had to offer. Not a whole lot. Checked out the museum and art gallery. Found a kilt to wear that was probably the highlight because no trip is complete with that! Then I walked down to the field something was going on, I was hoping it would be a rugby game or something. Nope turns out it was a Volleyball tournament! Can you believe that Volleyball in Scotland jesus. Anyways the real reason I was walking down there was to find the Black Watch museum which was Scotland's oldest highland regiment. Really cool. I told the guy my dad was in the Canadian Scottish Reserves back home and he nearly shat his pants. HAHA he did his research and they even have a black watch in Canada!! Went around the museum for half an hour until closed and then said my goodbyes.
Got to the train station and jumped on the next train bound for Inverness at around 5ish. Turns out that the Heineken Cup was on and I really wanted to see that. It was in Edinburgh too. Oh well Got into Inverness around 8 and funny thing was it was absolutely pissing the whole time but when we

so hard to put this on in the middle of an art gaLLERY with jeans on hahaha
got to Inverness after like 4 hours on the train it was sunny as hell. Just my luck eh. Shit thing was that I had to find a hostel quick or I was gonna be homeless that night. No where in the whole town had a bed either. I went to the hostel by the Bus station came into the reception and pretty much begged the lady for something. She was super nice she told me to find the highland hostel because they had a guest who ended up staying at the hostel I was at instead of the other so the spot was still saved. She drew me a map and told me just say your name is David Moore!!! No shit so survival of the fittest right thats exactly what I did!!! HAHAHA thats my new alter ego now. I went to the hostel and told them my name and then they said they had to call the owner or whatever. I thought BUSTED but i couldnt panick because they would know something was up. SO i kept it real and talked to this owner dude. He says to me well when I spoke to you on the phone and hung up I pretty much sold your bed 2 mins after. What a cock eh so hes like you have two options one go down the road because I think they have beds at the b&b or you can stay here for a discounted price. Still 10 pounds is a lot to stay on the coach!!! So i didnt want to argue although I really should have told him to pound sand I was just happy to have a roof. SO i threw my stuff in the room locked it up and ran to the pub to catch some rugby highlights at least.
Ended up watching Argentina New Zealand and England Samoa in rugby 7's. Really fast paced wow it was like 40-30 in ten mins hahaha. Then my plan was to find some haggis but it was already like 9 so it was gonna be tough. Ended up getting a recommendation from a bouncer to try 27 if it was open so I went up the road and they were still serving if I ordered right away. All i wanted was haggis and it was just served as an appy so thats what i ordered with a
Noel Noel Noel

students made this at the gallery
Mcewans. Real scottish beer.
It never came how I expected it was like souflee or something. Tasted really nice but it definetly wasn't the traditional meal I had hoped for. OH well I ran out the door to go find some more beers. Had some more cause it seemed to be a real party town. Got back to the hostel and now I had 4 roomies staying in the same shit room as me. Funny thing was that the window was paper thin and we were right downtown. Heard ppl screaming all night. The buzzer for the door was also in our room. I wanted to punch that owner in the face by now. I even put in ear plugs. There was this french couple who had there bus break down on the way back to Glasgow to be there for Monday morning. And a guy from Slovakia or something who slept beside me. Hillarious night I was just glad that it was over.

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My buddy and meMy buddy and me
My buddy and me

creepy he looks real

lucky prick eh
haggis haggis

i guess
shit hostelshit hostel
shit hostel

most expensive coach to surf in scotland oh well canadian flag was there
outside view outside view
outside view

this was where the partiers were all night

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