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Leaving Pitlochry today to head into the Highlands. Can't swing a cat here without hitting a distillery, this one is Dalwhinnie. Once again have to take a tour in order to get a tasting. We are heading for a little church we found on our first visit totally by accident. Back then at first glance I thought I was looking at sheep on the mountain but they were actually monuments. After seeing the church from the highway you have to make a sharp turn and take the road that climbs up the mountain. Spectacular vistas and because of the weather it is even more pronounced. Found a note that said we could get the key to the chapel from a local lodge so this time we got to go inside. Down the mountain we go and ... read more
Pitlochry main street
Dalwhinnie Distillery
Entering the Highlands

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Back on the road again.... NO THE OTHER SIDE!!!! my mantra stay to the left, stay to the left.... Driving the M & A series roads (400 series) is not that hard, it is when you move over to the secondary roads that things get interesting. We drove from Edinburgh to Invergarry stopping for a short tour at Edradour, Scotland's smallest distillery. They produce in 1 year what the larger ones produce in 1 week. Only 90,000 litres per year of hand crafted wonderfullness!!! They have 3 full time employees taking care of the 2 small stills. Hard to believe but it is available at the LCBO. The farther we drove north the better the weather became and when we saw the horses at the side of the road it was all clear skies. Got checked ... read more
Edradour Main bldgs
Pitlochry side st.

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