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Porridge. Der schmeckt hier total anders als alles, was man in Deutschland kaufen kann, und er schmeckt super. Ein warmer, wohliger und grundsolider Start in den Tag. Heute war der letzte Tag, an dem ich etwas sehe, ohne mich dafür bewegen zu müssen. Um 10:00 haben wir in Fort William den 🚂 Jacobite Steam Train 🚂 bestiegen. Nachdem ich jetzt zwei Mal in Schottland vergeblich versucht hatte, Tickets zu bekommen, habe ich für diese Reise Monate im Voraus online gebucht. Nach der ganzen Frustration gab es dann auch 1. Klasse Tickets, die gar nicht so viel teurer waren. Wir saßen in unendlich bequemen riesigen Ohrensesseln an einem Tisch für zwei und bekamen mehrmals auf der Fahrt Tee/Kaffee und Shortbread gereicht. So lässt es sich reisen. Ein richtig gemütlicher alter Zug mit Porzellangeschirr, Gardinen und einer richtigen ... read more
The Jacobite at Mallaig Station
First Class on the Jacobite
First Class on the Jacobite

Sie ist wieder da! Und zwar in Schottland. Zwei Jahre nach dem West Highland Way breche ich zu einem neuen Abenteuer auf. Dieses Mal gibt es den Skye Trail auf der Isle of Skye und noch eine kleine Rundreise danach. Wie schon der West Highland Way, wird auch der Skye Trail mit einem Guide von Thistle Trekking absolviert. Vor zwei Jahren sind wir von Glasgow bis nach Fort William gewandert. Heute bin ich diese Strecke mit dem Zug abgefahren und habe viele bekannte Orte wiedergesehen, was zahlreiche wunderschöne Erinnerungen an die Oberfläche gebracht hat. Der schottische Regionalexpress ist wie erwartet top: pünktlich, gratis WiFi, gratis Sitzplatz Reservierung, überall Steckdosen und oft kommt der Kaffeetrolley vorbei. Das Personal ist natürlich auch sehr freundlich. Als in Crianlarich der Zug geteilt wurde, haben ... read more
Schlechtes Handyfoto aus dem Zug 😅
Cookie Dough Sundaes im TGI Friday in Glasgow

As John Keats once surmised whilst overlooking the rugged Scottish terrain- shrouded in mist- on top of the British Isles' highest peak; "Read me a lesson, Muse, and speak it loud / upon the top of Nevis, blind in mist!". Luckily I had the good fortune that day to see Ben Nevis from a distance down below, and captured a spectacularly clear picture of the iconic snow-capped mountain, a feature in much of the Scottish lore of a romantic time gone by. As this image was taken during the winter season, I have not yet set out to climb the 1,345 metres of mountain. However, as I've only just moved to Edinburgh and am currently in the process of organising all of the adventures I'm planning to undertake in the coming months, Ben Nevis is certainly ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Fort William October 8th 2017

Fort William ...three sleeps... have seen at least five men in kilts...but they were all walking tooo fast to catch them digitally! Two reservations on the National Rail and two seats taken by others. The first taker was a young arrogant looking sort sitting with an equally belligerent looking young thing as girlfriend... left them to it but sent evil looks in his direction every time I looked at him and he looked at me … just in case he thought he had gotten one over on an old lady. The second train ride I was faced with two men in my space... but after a promise of a cup of tea I sat in the four seat combination and spent the rest of the train ride to Fort William talking to two Norsemen. One worked ... read more
Stairway in Carlisle
Wall separates train tracks from large  carpark
 Door in Glasgow

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Fort William August 30th 2016

Tre nevis Tirsdag Minto satte mig af ved stationen og jeg tog mod Fort William. Det ville tage lidt over 3 timer. Jeg fik lidt frokost, da jeg ankom til Fort William. Jeg ville ikke kunne tjekke ind før kl. 15.00. Der var lidt langt op til hostellet og det var op af en bakke, men jeg overlevede da. Jeg tjekkede ikke rigtig ind. Der stod på deres dør, at man bare skulle ringe på, men der kom ikke nogen og der stod også at man bare kunne tjekke sig selv ind, da nøglen ville være på værelset. Jeg havde ringet på et par gange, inden jeg bare gik ind på værelset. Jeg havde fået skrevet et par blogs i løbet af dagen, så jeg brugte lidt tid på at uploade billeder og læse dem igennem. ... read more
Fort William
På vej op af Ben Nevis
På vej op af Ben Nevis

Looking back, it's funny when you wake up and realize that it's 0745h, the time you were supposed to be boarding a bus in Fort William towards Glasgow. I had hoped to make it to Belfast today. But I was still in my bed at "Chase the Wild Goose" hostel in the suburb of Banavie. Shit. I must have been exhausted and slept through my watch alarm. I can't remember ever missing a bus, train or plane due to oversleeping but I guess there's a first time for everything. I gathered my stuff quickly and then darted out the door heading for the local bus stop. This was a small town so of course there was no local bus and I had to wait about twenty minutes for one to show up. Not sure what I ... read more
Made It

"If you don't like the weather in Scotland, just wait five minutes" This is something I would grow to understand. I reached Glasglow amidst some really miserable weather. The hotel dorm room was even more depressing. It was about two in the afternoon and the only other person in my dorm was fast asleep. There were no windows. A far cry from the hostel I had come from. I had to get some stuff in order so I jumped online to plan out stuff. A menacing looking guy walked into the room and went to the bed near mine. I continued doing my stuff and after about an hour the dude got up to make a cup of tea. I too wanted some tea so I joined him and he turned out to be a pretty ... read more
Sunset Along the Way
West Highland Way
Me and Loch Lomond in the distance

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Fort William October 23rd 2014

Another day of, as the locals say.... "Shyte weather" but nonetheless we braved the rain & wind for a trip back in time. Elke had surprised me with first class tickets in the 1st car. Nice big wing back chairs with a view to allow the world to glide by. As is usual for the train system here we left at exactly 10:15. Very shortly the sweets trolley appeared which supplied tea & coffee with shortbreads. Occasionally the rain would let up and allowed us the chance for some pictures. A quick stop at Glenfinnan to stretch our legs where there is a diner and a small railway museum. We have been to Glenfinnan before thankfully because it was a long walk to the monument to celebrate the landing of Bonnie Prince Charlie and his attempt ... read more
13B & 13 F
Jacobite on Viaduct

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Inverness-shire » Fort William October 22nd 2014

Day 6 - Portree to Fort William. Well the weather today was no in our favour. No high winds but a steady light rain all day. This was supposed to be the day to sail around looking for wildlife but no such luck. With a late start we decided to drive to Elgol anyways. We knew it was a picturesque drive (if not slightly treacherous). We were also looking forward to the Tea Room (closed) so we looked for another place and found the Elgol shop. A lunch of leek & potatoe soup with the Elgolian (squat lobster sandwich). On our way to Fort William we had time for a little excursion hoping to see some wildlife. Well we thought the road to Elgol was exciting...the road to Kylerhea was a real adventure. With the excessive ... read more
Cottage on the misty mountain
Run Off
Sharing the road

Geo: 56.8188, -5.10966We had only one thing on the agenda for today--riding the Jacobite train from Fort William to Mallaig. Since Philip has to concentrate on driving and won't have much chance to see the scenery, we planned the train ride to give him a chance to relax, too. This seemed to be the best spot in our itinerary for a train ride, and it turned out to be a beautiful ride. We drove from the hotel and parked in the lot adjacent to the train station. This was one where we had to buy a ticket from a machine to leave on the dashboard while we were away. There are many different ways to pay for parking, and we have seen several already on this trip.There are three or four trains that ply this route, ... read more
The Jacobite Steam Train
Coaches on the Jacobite Steam Train
Seen from the Jacobite Steam Train

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