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February 10th 2011
Published: February 10th 2011
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Once more the travel Gods have smiled upon me and granted me an extended leave from work. Just 4 short weeks this time, long enough hopefully to stop and draw breath, try and recapture my appreciation of life. Have been looking forward to this trip pretty much since I returned from my last one but don’t think I’ve ever been this disorganised. Hope it’s not an omen of things to come…. Eeek!

1st off I booked myself a barganeous flight from Edinburgh to KL, leaving Feb 12th and returning Feb 13th (thought I was booking March 13th obviously) giving me a long and luxurious 4 hours on holiday – probably not even enough time to make my way through customs and book in for the flight home. Of course it was non refundable, (with my luck it really couldn’t have been anything else) but I've worked around it, just means my budget is around £300 less than anticipated.

Also very cleverly chose the flight with an 8 hour layover in Amsterdam, never having been there I thought it would be a fine opportunity to get out and see a bit of the city. Except of course I’ll be dressed for the tropics and Amsterdam will most likely be under a blanket of snow. Nice, will let you know if I’m still in possession of all my toes when I land in KL.

Am too fat for my travel clothes, haven’t yet purchased my travel insurance (two days till I fly now) and still haven’t learned more than one word of Khmer (Which I have just been reliably informed sounds very much like I am saying something incredibly rude in English, think my pronunciation may need a touch of work maybe). So, things are looking rosy indeed lol!

Looking on the bright side, I do at least have a passport (and it's valid too, always a bonus in these situations I find) and really, what else does one need (other than 2 pairs of knickers clearly - wash and wear Suzie, wash and wear!).

Plan is to fly into Siem Reap and out of Phnom Pehn, that’s about as detailed as my itinerary gets, so looks like I’ll be spending all 4 weeks in Cambodia. This surprises me somewhat as I’d planned on returning to Myanmar, or maybe heading to New Zealand and/or the south Pacific, Laos looked promising for a period and even Indonesia made the short list. Cambodia wasn't even a consideration really . Can only have been the guiding hand of fate, which must mean there's something super duperly fabulous waiting for me over there. How exciting!


10th February 2011

Have a super trip x

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