Day 10

Published: May 16th 2017
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Day 10

Day 10 - Leaving this morning for some ferry rides, standing stones, a distillery and the Iona abbey. Weather was cool but sunny again!! The Inn packed us a lunch but when we landed in Tobermory we had some time before the distillery opened so we got some breakfast. Sam and Benny had yet another mocha coffee. I found the best sweet ever.. Its called TIFFEN. I am now on a quest for the recipet. Went into the Tobermory distillery. OK but was not worth the wait.

Started driving again to find the Dervaig standing stones outside of Tobermory. They were surrounded by a clear cut forest. Certainly a little disappointing just because of the dead lumber lying around.

Travels are now taking us to Iona Abbey the root of Christianity in Scotland. St. Columba landed here in 563. The original buildings have not survived but the buildings that were built in the 1200's are still here. Great tour guide took us around the abbey building with a very insightful discussion.

Back driving again looking for the Kilmore standing stones before we stop at our next hotel. Elke, Sam and Benny race across the moor looking for the path to the stone circle marked by white stones while I got the long lens out and chased pheasants..

As we were leaving we came across a herd of red deer fawns. I have never seen that before.

Finally landed at Craignure Inn near the ferry docks for our trip to Oban the next morning.

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Tobermory coffe shop - chocolate bar with raisins - I have to learn how to make this....
Tobermory distilleryTobermory distillery
Tobermory distillery

Only got to taste 10 year old... we will keep moving...
Tortured soulTortured soul
Tortured soul

This face is carved into an arch in the church diagonally across from the pulpit. If the preacher raises his face towards the soul he will be heard equally well in all corners f the church.

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