Day 4 - Tain to Wick & Thurso

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October 20th 2014
Published: October 20th 2014
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Day 4 Tain to Wick & Tongue


Closed for the winter. Lord Sutherland.
Today's trip is taking us around the northeastern part of the mainland. The weather is overcast & 10 degrees. Some slight sprinkles of rain.

First stop was Dunrobin Castle, home a the Earl of Sutherland. Sadly they were closed for the winter. Winter? Really? The flowers are still blooming for crying out loud..

As we follow the highway we were able to find a few spots that had awesome vistas and photo op's.

The first one was cemetery marked as Commonwealth war graves just outside of Helmsford. We drove down a laneway beside a country cottage where there really was no parking. BUT what a view!

Further along we went for a walk towards the cliffs to visit Badbea a "Highland Clearance village". This was where people were forced to leave there homes that were in glens and had to relocate in an area not fit for sheep grazing.

Again following the coast we made our way to Wick. Home of the Pulteney Distillery. The next tour was 3 hours away so we did a sampling instead. A 12, 15, 17 & a 21 year old. All were aged in sherry & bourbon casks.

Quickly we had to have some lunch. The Wickers World Restaurant beside the harbour had very very good fish & chips (served with coleslaw & a salad - where are we?)

Elke saw a cottage as we were driving along and what a great find that was. The Forss House Hotel is situated beside a mill stream. A short wet walk found us beside the pond where we were able to witness salmon jumping up the falls.

We drove thru Thurso and onto Strathy Point to look for a lighthouse. The winding road was beatifull but it came up short before we could get to the lighthouse.

This particular cow was very curious about Elke and decided to get a very close look. Thankfully the window was down so there was no mess on the glass.

The town of Tongue was disappointing. Very very small and no tourist items.

We then journeyed back to our Hotel in Tain (which is beside the Glen Morangie Distillery).

Wow what a landscape! The northeast of Scotland is very severe. Only low scrub bushes, no trees and very little population once you are away from the coast.

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Not to be openedNot to be opened
Not to be opened

What the heck does that mean?
Wickers F&CWickers F&C
Wickers F&C

Notice the salad?

21st October 2014

Great tour
Love the blog. Feels like I am there. Never got to try old Putney but did tour the Glen Morangie. Those fish n chips sound so good.
21st October 2014

Not to be opened
Graves with the markings "not to be opened" were typically done as the victim had died of a plague. However, the fact that this was not a tombstone but rather a laid stone may indicate a suspected vampire/witch.

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