Arrival at JoG

Published: May 16th 2011
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The day started very early having to get up and cycle to the station to catch a train at 6.30 am to John O' Groats. Getting on the train was a great relief because it was the culmination of lots of plannng. I had arrived in Edinburgh the day before and the bike was assembled and i had all the gear in my panniers. This first part of the trip involved my daughter's partner Ewen, who was coming with me for the first four days. We got to the station on time and it was a great relief. The train looked deserted when we got on it but at subsequent stations we became surrounded by a group out for the day celebrating the birthday of one of their number. They were going as far as Golspie, having lunch and returning on a later train. Judging by their ages I could have easily fitted in the group and wondered whether it would have been a better way to spend my time rather than on the expedition I was about to undertake. Anybody who knows Scotland will readily appreciate th wonderful scenery through which we passed much of it passing along the route we would be takinf south.
Although my plan was to start the JoG on the 13th May we slightly cheated and did the first bit on this day because it fitted in easier. It also allowed us to start from what should be the real beginning which is Duncansby Head, a further couple of miles NE from JoG.


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