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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr June 29th 2018

Whilst up in Scotland visiting the in laws before we start our travels abroad we had a day trip to Culzean castle. This beautiful esatate is owned by the national trust for Scotland (English national trust membership works here too). The house has been renovated to a very high standard with the original features restored. We were fortunate to arrive in time for a free guided tour. The castle is beside the sea and we spent hours walking around the extensive grounds, looking at the walled garden and pottering along the sea front. Expensive if you’re not a national trust member but well worth the visit.... read more
Culzean Castle
Seaside stroll

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr July 12th 2012

We woke to a....wait for it....wait for it....sunny day!!! Got in a nice dry pleasant run! Woohoo! Then off on our road trip to the other coast. First stop was Craiglethan Castle. This one was built beside a ravine which is unusual. It was built by the most famous builder of defensive castles although this castle did not survive the wars (ironically). Next we went on to Bothwell Castle to represent Patrick and Catharine! It was very cool. There was the original Donjon from 1242. Then the castle was built up from there in the 1300's and the chapel was added in the 1400's. Building projects back in the day seemed to last decades. The first Lord or Baron would start but it would be his son that saw the project through to completion. Anyway, the ... read more
Gorgeous sunny day
Bothwell Castle
Fake sword

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr July 12th 2012

We went to 3 castles today. We also went to the beach. We went for a little swim in our clothes. We played at the park there too. There were zip lines. We had a picnic at one of the castles. It was finally sunny out. When we came home, me and Russell played some soccer outside and then had dinner. Peace out, Rachel Please email so I know you are reading my blogs. ... read more
I stabbed him!
I stabbed him!
Zip lines

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr October 29th 2011

After the debacle with the hire car in the Lake District, we had to engage Contingency Plan #437, not to be misunderstood for #473, which would have been impossible to implement anyway as we had a limited supply of coffee and were in no proximity to olive trees or for that matter a mongoose. This meant missing out on seeing Hadrian’s Wall near Carlisle, as well as foregoing the tour of the Smugglers’ Coast in south-west Scotland. We still made it to Dumfries, albeit a brief visit, limited to an overnight stay in the last two available rooms in a Travelodge, a quick break-of-dawn driving tour of the city, and a raid of the local Tesco Extra for supplies. We were willing to miss all this as a priority was to spend some time in Ayr. ... read more
Ayr Coastline
Kids at playground in Ayr
Bust of Burns

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr December 19th 2009

Saturday 19.12.2009 Day 66 Scotland has more distilleries per square meter than any other place It is our last day in Scotland for now and we are very sad to leave we have loved the place and the people and have had lots of fun. Wales says that they have the most castles per square meter than any other place in the world. Well I think that Scotland has more distilleries per square meter than any other place there is at least one or two in ever little town or village. We drove to the lakes today and checked into our new place where we will spend the next week. ... read more
Photo 5
Photo 6
Photo 7

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr December 17th 2009

Thursday 17.12.2009 Day 64 Pool We were good and did all our washing and while washing we played pool and it was 2 all so we decided not to play another game and keep it as a draw but we both insist that we would have one the last game! The area we are in is where Robbie Burns lived so there are lots of things about him around here. It is 200 years since his birth this year so they did home coming to Scotland to commerce his birth. Robbie Burns is Scotland’s most famous poet and one of the most translated poets mostly due to his most famous work Auld Lang syne. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr December 16th 2009

Wednesday 16.12.2009 Day 63 Brunston castle We woke up to more snow again today and fed our Robin again then we decided to go for a walk around where we are staying. We tried to go for a walk to Brunstane Brunston Castle which is now very dilapidated. It was built on a courtyard plan in the 16th century. It comprises an oblong enclosure, with a dwelling-house on the SE side and a projecting square tower at the N angle. Both were originally of two storeys and a garret. The date 1568 is cut above the lintel over the entrance to the house. The castle was still surrounded by a deep ditch at the beginning of the 19th century. The castle was burnt to the ground by the English under Lord Grey (in 1547), and ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr December 15th 2009

Tuesday 15.12.2009 Day 62 Galloway forest and St Clair We work up and there was all snow on our car and the ground again it had snowed more last night. Our robin We went for around again so we feed him again and he sung us a little song. We drive to Galloway forest and had a look around it was very beautiful .and then on to the Coastal town of St Clair that is the furthest most south point in Scotland it was a very quaint fishing village. We had lunch there and then went back home. ... read more
Ayrshire to Cumbria005
Ayrshire to Cumbria DEER #2 D173
Ayrshire to Cumbria002

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr December 14th 2009

Monday 14.12.2009 Day 61 Electric Brae We woke up more snow on the ground again we decided to still go out it was good that the griters where out doing the road making it safe to drive on even though there was lots of snow all over the ground. We drove to The Electric Brae is located on the coastal road from Girvan to Ayr, just 1m south of Dunure. Also sometimes known as Croy Brae, it is a well known scenic stretch of road where the configuration of the land gives the impression that a vehicle can freewheel uphill. How does it work? Well the land on either side of the road creates an optical illusion so it looks as if the slope is going the other way. There is a past belief that ... read more
Photo 33
Photo 34
Photo 35

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Ayrshire » Ayr December 13th 2009

Sunday 13.12.2009 Day 60 Chestnuts We woke up and there was snow all over the ground it had snowed last night. We found a little Robin close to our car that we feed. We did some maintains work on our car. We went to the welcome talk and then went and got lots of chestnuts to roast yumm. We had been looking for chestnuts after having then in Malian but had not found any. We saw some last night while doing our shopping but did not think we had a oven to cook them in so did not get any but when we found we had a oven in our cabin we went to 4 shops looking for chestnuts in the ice and cold and no one had them. We asked where we could get them ... read more
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Photo 4
Photo 5

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