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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Dunoon October 26th 2013

It was Suzy's birthday! We went to the Annual Scottish Boat Show. There were really nice boats all over the place. Big, small, Smart-boats, motor and sail. We went on one boat that I bet you could stay on it for a couple weeks at a time. It had a TV, Fridge, 2 bathtubs, 3 bed rooms, one with 2 singles and 2 double rooms. We all wanted it. But it was 3/4 of a million dollar boat. Dad and I wondered off and had a Venison burger, and then found a birthday present for Suzy. Then we searched for Suzy, Steve, Mason and Brittany once we found them we looked around a little more. There saw a guy use these bouts that shot water to fly and tricks. Then we retuned to the hotel. The ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Argyll » Dunoon April 10th 2009

Thought I'd write up last year's trip before it fades away. Route map: Route map: Day 1 saw me and Mike get an early-ish (10am!) train from Edinburgh to Glasgow. On arrival at Queen Street we headed due south to hit the River Clyde from where I could sort of get my bearings. We hoped to track down national cycle route 75 which would take us all the way south of the river to Gourock. As we approached the north bank at one of the many bridges the skies looked a bit menacing - its well known it always rains on the west coast! The cycle route was easy to find - it was mainly under construction (should be complete by now!), so we were able to pick our way on the riverside path and ... read more
Pigeon in Paisley
Cycling out of Dunoon
First glimpse of the Clyde

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