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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Montrose January 20th 2014

Hello my lovelies, I just ask the question as I really don't have a scooby what's happened in the last decade, in 2004 I started planning a round the world trip for me and my tidy girlfriend, later that year it all went ahead as planned and in 2006 we came home enlightened and encouraged. We weren't long back before I started to think about the next trip, Africa and South America were the (not quite so) planned destinations but first we had to pay of the debt accrued from the first trip and save for the next... Then life got in the way. The next year I married the tidy girlfriend. The next year Fiona got pregnant. The next year we had our first born, Lois (now four). The next year Fiona got pregnant. The ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Edzell November 7th 2013

Wow.....finally managed to upload a photo using iPhone. Nexus 7 specially bought for trip seems unable to upload any photos. Never mind .. Will just use iPhone. Now in Edinburgh with Craig Louise and boys and Freya. amazingly managed to keep weight to only 13kg each Bound to have forgotten something! Ah well too late now. Only 2 more sleeps!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Edzell November 6th 2013

Just back from Portmahomack and Rolo handover. We get the feeling that he is going to be a bit spoiled by Emma & Jane but he has settled with Henry OK and stolen all the toys as expected. 2 days left for last minute hitches and seem to be plenty of them! First job was to do this new blog as last one was incompatable with tab. International phone Sim not working so that needs fixed and still waiting for Shirley's new Sim and malaria tabs. Will get excited when these sorted out. This is also just a witter to test the new blog. Next one should be from the Southern hemisphere.....Wooohoooo!... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Arbroath September 28th 2013

We have said it before, what a difference a night’s sleep in a very comfortable bed can make. And then to have that capped off by a huge breakfast including scrambled eggs and slices of salmon. Aileen had better be careful or we may never leave Sa’ty Dyke, Rossie Braes. For those interested the house is named after a sea dyke that used to be at the bottom of the section that borders the Montrose lagoon. The dyke was constructed to make salt pans from which sea salt was extracted although this no longer occurs today. We have slipped into cruise mode this morning and eventually we headed off with Aileen to visit her mother (who of course is a Benvie having been married to the son of my late uncle) who is in her late ... read more
The local crowd in the 'Kop' at Gayfield Park,Arbroath
Goal mouth action Arbroath vs Forfar Athletic
The walk of shame for the Forfar Athletic player shown a red card

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Montrose September 27th 2013

We have thoroughly enjoyed our few days in the Highlands even if our last night has been spent in the second most uncomfortable bed we have endured on the BBA V2 at the Glencoe Youth Hostel. Surely the Youth Hostel organisation must be making enough money at GBP46 twin to replace the hard mattresses in their Glencoe establishment. We shall make that suggestion in our review anyway! Before we left the area we checked out the North Balachulish church over the bridge from Glencoe for Gretchen’s lost rellies grave but without any success. And as one last chance we also took the road that runs beside Loch Leven the 12km up to the top of the loch at Kinlochleven just in case there was another cemetery that might reveal their final place of rest. And while ... read more
Oban waterfront
Cousin Aileen's garden

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Edzell September 25th 2013

Only 49 more sleeps! Getting excited, and planning well advanced, but still much to do. Creating and working through itineraries, checklists, vaccinations and visas. Need just about everything in the chemist's fridge and more! Feels like we are funding the Pharmaceutical industry's R&D budget for 2014. Just ordered a Nexus 7 tablet (reconditioned..well I am a pensioner, you know), to help keep in touch and to give me time to learn how to use it before we go. Planning trip up North to Port' in couple of weeks, then again for few days before we fly from Edinburgh. Emma has kindly offered to look after Rolo for our trip, so currently trying to gradually adjust his diet to match Henry the spaghetti sucking Spinnoli, so they can steal each other's food, and poop in matching colours. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Montrose August 2nd 2012

Greeeeeeeeeeee – tings! It’s been a while, how have y’all been? Well I hope. So what’s been happening with the family Mudpie over the last few months I hear you ask, well we’ve been on holiday which was awesomeness but I’ll add another blog for that but a few other key events have happened since we just last, the biggest of which being me getting a new job (and if this is the big news it also means there’s no news of another baby on the way, thankfully...) but anyway, my job.. Going way back to when I started this blog in 2004 I took a career break from my job of 6 years to go backpacking around the world, hence the Travelblog, but when we came back Fiona couldn’t get a job in Edinburgh which ... read more
Generation Mudpie
Bath time

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee June 6th 2012

Family, friends, fans and groupies. I have created one of these blog dealios in order to keep all posted with the day to day excitement of our pending nuptials and trip around the world. Off to a flying start; 15 days before we jet off my car decided to bust a thing out of the doohicky and plop a whatjamajigger right into the rubber of my brand new tire! (cheers for the tires dad :S) Alas, the cosmic ticker watchers seem to be all to quick to balance fortune with mis as they see our upcoming joy and seek to balance the scales of karmic justice with a quick boot to the stones. But fear not true believers! No car mishaps can dishearten 'TEAM ROUND THE WORLD' (still working on the 'catchy' name') Many thanks are ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Dundee April 6th 2012

Three blogs in 24 hours, what a treat for y’all, bearing in mind the last two were about our summer holiday last year the last real update was from Christmas and concerned Ella’s arrival so what’s happened in 2012? Let’s start off with the negatives and although past performance is not an indicator towards future returns you will not be surprised to hear that Fiona has been poorly again, 2012 has not been her friend. She was suffering from severe stomach pain in the early part of the year and had a sever bout of pain through the night in January, she was in agony with what we suspected was gall stones. She had an appointment on the 29th of February for a scan that confirmed this but the morning before the scan, the 28th of ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Angus » Arbroath December 14th 2011

Long before Manchester City came up with the little ditty............ in fact long before they came up with the name of Manchester City, Arbroath were doing it for real. 1886 and all that! In a football sense, Arbroath takes some beating. In fact, it hasn’t been beaten. The 36 - 0 ..........yes that is right ..........thirty six – nil .........remains a record score in a senior football match in Britain. On 12 September of that year, Bon Accord, possibly wished they had never bothered accepting that invitation to enter the Scottish FA Cup. Bon Accord were reputed to be a cricket team from Aberdeen invited by mistake, who by myth or fact never even managed a shot on target on the whole 90 minutes. The Arbroath goalie allegedly sheltered under a spectator’s umbrella to watch proceedings. ... read more
G & A Spink

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