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January 20th 2014
Published: January 28th 2014
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Hello my lovelies, I just ask the question as I really don't have a scooby what's happened in the last decade, in 2004 I started planning a round the world trip for me and my tidy girlfriend, later that year it all went ahead as planned and in 2006 we came home enlightened and encouraged. We weren't long back before I started to think about the next trip, Africa and South America were the (not quite so) planned destinations but first we had to pay of the debt accrued from the first trip and save for the next... Then life got in the way.

The next year I married the tidy girlfriend.

The next year Fiona got pregnant.

The next year we had our first born, Lois (now four).

The next year Fiona got pregnant.

The next year we had our second born, Ella (now two).

The next year Fiona didn't get pregnant.

The next year Fiona got pregnant.

This year we had our third born, Flynn.

So the immediate and absolutely wonderful news is that our third child was born today, our first son and heir to my fortune, which as it stands is approximately £18,000 of negative equity, which will be nice for him. He's a wee lovely and a looks exactly like the other two when they were born, which in turn is a replica of me. The good news for him is that when he's about 28 months old he'll stop looking like me and start looking like his Mum, which is really better all round for everyone.

He's United daft already, first think he asked for when he came our was the United score from Saturday, he keeps going on and on about Ryan Gauld and how that when he's older he's going to play for United, kids huh? Mental imagination.

I noticed it's been 18 months since I updated this blog, it happens all the time so I don't know how I always get surprised that it's been so long! I have just added one for the summer of 2013, we went to France as Lois was flower girl at my cousin Jenni's wedding, we had a great holiday as always. Fiona got pregnant and was ill for 8 months, as always but now we're are (surely) a complete family with a full happy house with another couple of domestic vacations to look forward to and a full healthy year for Foo-Foo.

In a more general update I'm the same as always, working hard up in the godforsakenlandthattimeforgot, also known as Aberdeen, Fiona wasn't well throughout the whole pregnancy so hasn't been working for the last seven months, she's delighted the boy is finally here and is looking forward to getting back to full health as her life as pretty much be on hold for the last 9 months.

Lois is still loving pre-school (I can never remember if it's called nursery or play-group) she's as bright as a button and a total scatter brain, she's in to football and running, winning the race at her school sports day last summer. On that note yours truly won the Dad's race, Fiona attempted the Mum's race and came first, and by first I mean last but she didn't have the right shoes on, and she didn't hear the gun, and she was pregnant, and she wasn't trying, and she didn't want to win, and she was hungry, and she was full, and a number of other excuses that I can't remember. We were going for the Mudie family hat-trick, maybe this year.....

Ella is a little mentalist, so clever and talkative, more energy than a Duracell bunny and a temper and stare like her father, she's proper scary. She'll go to nursery/play group (the other one that Lois isn't at) this year and is more than ready, her mum hampered her in the toddler race this year so with a fair bit of training and me as her partner next year we might win all four races, jeeze I really want to win those races don't I?

We've not moved house in a while, which is strange, I still changing our cars every 18 months which is ridiculous, but also a necessity considering the amount of kids we keep producing, we have an MPV now, which is a total minter. Dundee United were voted the World's Greatest Football team again this year, by everyone in my house and at 2pm on Boxing Day we were (ahem) genuine title challengers, we're not any more but there was a great 7 game winning streak where we scored like 400 goals or something, it's enjoyable though so long may that continue.

I went to New York in November which was great, I had a few business meetings but also had three days to myself which was excellent, I walked the length and breadth (literally) of Manhattan sightseeing at all hours and also caught a couple of basketball and ice hockey games at Madison Square Garden which I loved. Great work if you can get it.

So this was just a wee hello to anyone who still check in and to spread the great news about our latest addition, Flynn Andrew Mudie, I've hopefully published the New York and France ones for last year too so now that's me up to date and I'll write you again in 18 months.... surely we won't have another kid by then, oh my god, can you imagine?

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Charlie in uteroCharlie in utero
Charlie in utero

We always have in womb names for our kids, Lois was Milo, Ella was Martha and Flynn was Charlie.
Jock and ChickensJock and Chickens
Jock and Chickens

These were my toys when I was a wee boy, they're a bit worse for wear now but Lois loves to play with them.
My nephew Ross and the girlsMy nephew Ross and the girls
My nephew Ross and the girls

Playing Sunday league football in Montrose.
Lois and the school bearLois and the school bear
Lois and the school bear

painting their nails

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