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Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen May 4th 2012

Graeme gave us a lift to Aberdeen Airport. Our flight to the US is not until Saturday 5th May, but because it leaves London at 09:30, we have decided to travel the day before and we are staying at the Sheraton Skyline. We check -in and then go out to find somwhere to eat. We found a local pub called "The Pheasant". The food is really good with enormous potions. Once we have finished lounge we feel absolutelt stuffed, so much so that we go back to the hotel and rest for the rest of the day!! We were going to go to the hotel bar in the evening - but we do not make it and have an early night as we have an early start in the morning... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen March 25th 2012

The town of Fettercairn, located not far from the rugged shores of the North Sea on Scotland’s east coast, is one of my many hometowns. The distinct, musty smell of coal mixes with the sweet smell of roasting barley from the town’s whisky distillery and musky, ever moist ground. Daffodils bloom in phases in the spring. Brilliantly yellow flowers first make their appearance while there is still a light dusting of snow on the ground. By the time the snow melts, the next blooms raise their sunny heads in dramatic contrast to the first ones that have faded into light beige. The third phase of daffodils bloom against the vibrant greens of the Scotland countryside. In autumn, the green rolling hills are covered again by flowers. Sprigs of purple heather coat the ground and bloom until ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen October 17th 2011

Less than two weeks to go! I decided it is about time I get myself organised. I had a successful trip into town today to get myself geared up. Think I have just about everything I need now. Exciting times. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen September 30th 2011

Only one month till I leave. So excited! Not quite sure what to expect. I am volunteering through projects abroad in Peru for 4 months. I think it will be an experience I will never forget. ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen September 10th 2011

The weather in Scotland was always going to be a talking point and today was no different. There is some nasty weather coming from a hurricane that started off the coast of USA and is due on Monday with warm temperatures, very high winds and rain. Hopefully this bad weather is short lived. We needed some breakfast so we made a quick visit to the nearby Tesco for some milk to go with our cereal, as well as food for lunch. With persistent drizzle it was an easy decision to have an in-car breakfast in the supermarket carpark. Once breakfast was over we headed for the Grampian Mountains and Cairngorms National Park. It is in this area The Queen has her holiday home, Balmoral Castle, and on this trip we are ever hopeful. Perhaps we’ll get ... read more
Cairngorms National Park
Wee hoose in the heather.
River Dee, Braemar

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen May 11th 2011

Here we go! i'm packing now and after that i'll call the cab to take me to the airport... then 9 days in Ireland! I've got a whole bunch of stuff I want to see, including Strongbow's Tomb The Book of Kells King John's Castle The Ring of Kerry Skellig Michael The Cliffs of Moher the village of Doolin, and... The Giant's Causeway! I've got 9 days to see all of these things, so i'm hoping to not have any transportation failures along the way :P It should be a hectic week or so, but when it's my first time to a new place, i kind of like to run around and see as much as possible lol. Hopefully I'll be able to update this blog once every day or every other day, and when i ... read more

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen March 5th 2011

The title is a Scottish phrase which means 'what's meant to happen to you, will happen'. Okay I had to look it up but I found it really fitting for this particular trip. Let's see where to start... Well, on February 18th i woke up super super early to catch a bus to the airport but then realized my ridiculous alarm let me down and decided to stop working. The irony is, I woke up to on the dot that I was supposed to be boarding that bus...super! So back on the England trip I missed the bus for other reasons and had no choice but to take a cab -which cost me 200 bucks!- to the airport because it was either that or miss my plane entirely. I am all about learning from my mistakes, ... read more
Kings College
Most Scottish thing ever!!!
Me and Holly at Seaton Park

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen April 4th 2010

I arrived in Aberdeen on a crisp, sunny day. So lovely was it that, after Martin picked me up from the airport, he immediately put the top down on his racy blue Nissan 350Z. After years of constant teasing about the practicality of having a convertible in Scotland, I am now officially a convert. So what that you need the heaters blaring, a scarf and sunglasses on (and a hair tie!) at all times? It rocks! After a quick orientation in Aberdeen, I crashed and then got my second wind just in time for a fine evening of single malt tastings! I had purchased a bottle of Australian single malt whisky, Bakery Hill Classic cask strength, for Martin so we started off with that (which I really enjoyed) before moving onto a few single cask specials ... read more
The road ahead......
Strathisla Distillery
On the way to Aberlour distillery

Europe » United Kingdom » Scotland » Aberdeenshire » Aberdeen December 31st 2009

The Scottish Hogmanay or New Year's Eve, is a very important date in our calendar, it is a time to think of the dearly departed and old aquaintances never to be forgotten and those that we may be lucky and have the good fortune to meet in the coming year. Don't write your name in the snow, the wind will blow it away! Write your name in the hearts of the people you come in touch with, that's where it will stay! It can be a sad time of year if you let it, but more often than not, it is for one full of optimisim and for the better times to come! It is a time to gather with friends and loved ones to celebrate and mark the passing of the old year and see ... read more
Midnight Walk
In The Still Of The Night!
Aberdeen Snow Storm

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