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March 10th 2009
Published: March 10th 2009
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I beginning my 6th week here in Scotland and loving it! As of right now, I'm half way through classes! 😊

I know I talked up St. Andrews A LOT, but we never made it there. We planned last minute and train tickets were WAY too expensive for just a day trip. Maybe in a couple of weeks...A couple of us decided to go instead to a little city about 20 minutes north by bus, I think it was called Belcarie. We wanted to check out the beach because supposedly it has one of the best beaches in the Aberdeen area. The town was super small, but we managed to get lost anyway; it worked out because we just used the excuse that we were International and we got away with it😊 You should try it some time! The trip was only a couple of hours, and worth it because it got us out of Aberdeen and exploring.

We are almost completely done with your spring/Easter break plans!
Here they are! In case you're interested...
This first one is by bus; all the others are by plane.
March 27th:
Aberdeen to Edinburgh (bus)
Edinburgh to London (plane)

March 30th:
London to Paris

April 1st:
Paris to Cagliari (a little island off of Italy)

April 4th:
Cagliari to Rome

April 7th:
Rome to Barcelona

April 11th:
Barcelona to Athens

The only problem is that we can't get back to Aberdeen from Athens without paying A LOT. We are still working on it, but as of now, we are going to have to be stuck in Greece...oh darn. 😉
I am traveling with about 7 other people until Rome and then from there on out it will be me and another international student from WI, and possibly a Canadian. The others are going to Romania and then heading back to Aberdeen.

As a group we have a couple of hotels booked, but still need to get those taken care of ASAP.

It is going to be busy, but without a doubt worth it😊 I am planning on taking my computer to upload pictures and update my blog. We'll see how much room I will have in my ONE hiking backpack that I am taking...that might not happen. Good thing mom is sending me more space bags!

I have no other plans for this week or the weekend yet. Wednesday is Malt Whiskey Society and other than that I am going to be working on the 2 essays I have due before break and the one due after. A bunch of my friends from here, other internationals, went to Germany today. They will be there till Sunday I think.

Happy Birthday a day late DANIEL! 😊

I'm off to write some essays...take care!


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