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February 12th 2009
Published: February 12th 2009
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Whiskey...I never knew there were so many!

Last night, me and Kathryn, and international student from Canada, made our way downtown in a wonderful Scotland snow storm,( can you hear my SARCASM), to show up for the first informal meeting of the malt whiskey society.

It was held at this little pub called "The Grill." It is ironic because when you get inside, it resembles nothing of what I consider a grill. I don't even think they have a grill, so a wee bit funny. This place had so much whiskey I couldn't believe it! We found the Malt Whiskey Society, who happened to be a bunch of really nice and helpful people and they helped us find our way to our drinks of the evening. What is nifty about this place is that in part of their menu, they give you the option to get 4 different samples of whiskey throughout Scotland and the United Kingdom. They have about 2 full pages of different options and samples to choose from! We tried "A tour of the Regions Part I" (that has 4 different whiskeys) and they have "A tour of the Regions Part II" (4 completely different whiskeys) and so on, so A LOT to choose from!

The cheapest they had was the first one, (7.95 pounds), which seemed pretty decent seeing that we were able to share 4 drinks between two people. Like I said before, I never knew there was anything besides Jack Daniels!

This was an informal meeting; the formal meetings are held every other week closer to campus and then we actually talk about it and taste more. Later we will do tours of distilleries and such, which I am really looking forward too! Scotland is also famous for the Malt Whiskey Tour, which is on my list of things to experience.

Good times!

Sadly, I did not get any tickets at all to Loch Ness. Me and a couple other friends tried to tag along and plan it on our own, but the International Society President said that wouldn't work. I still don't understand people sometimes. Aberdeen's International Society is 700 people, and they provide trips for 100, and that's on a good day! Otherwise it's only 50. Makes me a bit angry, but again, what are you gonna do?

The other two girls who didn't get tickets to Loch Ness either wanted to do something, so we'll see what happens. It's all up in the air now.

My parents finally booked a trip here in the beginning of June to come pick me up and I am SUPER excited! I am already making a list of things they have to see! 😊 Can't wait mom and dad and Binky!!!

My boyfriend, Nate and his sister, Hannah are also planning on visiting in the end of May. I am REALLY looking forward to that as well! I have already started some countdowns!

Other than my Malt Whiskey Society, there is not a lot going on here. It still SNOWS almost every day, which infuriates me beyond belief! I thought I left the snow for the season!

Take care! I miss you all!


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