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February 7th 2009
Published: February 7th 2009
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What a day!

We did not get to go visit the castle like we wanted too, but we are going to go to Stonehaven tomorrow anyway and explore the city. It's about 15-25 minutes south of Aberdeen on the coast.

Today we made a discovery that simply was unbelievable. The North Sea beach is a 15 minute walk from campus! 15 MINUTES! And it is beautiful. I have never been a on a beach where there was snow and sand at the same time!😊

Today we went shopping downtown...a Saturday afternoon is the busiest time to shop in Aberdeen, because everyone is off work and all the stores close at 5pm. I picked up some essentials and then we headed back to my flat and made tacos. They hit the spot😊 I went with two friends, Alex and Sydney, who are both international students, and we decided that since we all live in self-catered flats we are going to make dinner like that more often. So excited😊

What do 6 Scots, an American, German and Finnish girl all have in common? DRINKING! (And many more things of course😊)
After dinner we squeezed 10 girls into one tiny room and had a blast talking and explaining different cultural aspects. It was a blast😊 Some of the Scottish girls LOVE my accent! I have never heard that before! I said that's what I love about you! It's amazing the different accents you can hear when simply talking to people from different parts of Scotland. One girl was talking and I could barely understand her!

Hopefully more pictures soon. I have to go to the computer lab to upload pictures...it's a pain, so they will only come once in a while.

I am having fun, but I miss home as well. I love hearing your comments and what you are doing back home, so keep them coming😊

A couple things:
*In Scotland, when they traffic light changes it goes green, yellow, red, and then red, yellow, green. (I'm still trying to cross the street without dying, so that might be a wee bit different.)
*When you cross the street in some areas, their is not a walk, they have a grid, so you basically walk wherever you want when you hear the beeping sound. The grid covers the entire middle of the intersection.
*Pretty much the only music that I have heard is American music.



7th February 2009

That's so great that you have a beach 15 MINUTES from campus. :) I bet you'll miss that when you come back. Since you talked about the traffic lights in Scotland, I thought I would share this story with you of what I taught Teddy. :) Whenever we are driving around (to the Sports Center or Children's Museum), I have been trying to teach him what the colors of the traffic lights mean. Well, this past week he has caught on. Red means STOP, Green means GO, and Yellow (my favorite) means GO FAST! :) I thought you might enjoy that! Take care my dear!

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