Preparing our trip!

Published: July 27th 2006EDIT THIS ENTRY

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Pauls and Ulrika World Trip!

Ulrika and I have been talking about travelling for ages and finally in January of this year we decided we would try and book something for September 06! To get inspired on different kinds of trips we could go on, we travelled to London to see a travel and sports show. It was really excellent and we took sooo many brochures of trips we wanted to go on. We then began investigating prices for trips with various travel agents and in the end decided to go with student travel agent, kilroy travels (a bit like USIT but it worked out cheaper!).
So here are the countries we are planning to visit over 5 months starting from September 12th... Ireland->Sweden->USA (LA) ->Fiji->New Zealand->Australia->Bali->Malaysia->Thailand. (The reason we are going to Sweden is because Ulrika and I are invited to celebrate her Dads 50th birthday)

Currently, we have nearly all our vaccinations done, just one more injection to go! (Getting Ulrika to get one was nearly a challenge because on a previous occasion she kicked and winded a poor doctor coming towards her with a needle!). We also sorted out the visas with only Australia requiring an entry requirement. (I found this site good for checking visas around the world). We were also worried about the US with their increased security and biometric requirements but it seems they will accept our current passports because they are machine readable (they've two lines of printed machine-readable data that appear at the bottom of the page).

We are now going through our checklist to see what we have and what we need to buy!


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