Rock of Cashel and Cork City

Published: April 24th 2005
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Here are some updates on my most recent adventures!

Life is speeding along here in Limerick City as my semester begins to wind down. Though I have been busy writing papers lately, I've still found plenty of time for trips, dinners with friends, international student parties, tea breaks, and more! One of my new Spanish flatmates moved out (he wanted to be closer to the city centre), but I'm steadily getting to know the other one (Maite). My Irish flatmate Cliona says she fell in love with a Dublin boy last weekend, but by all accounts is doing well. So, let me see, what else has been going on...

Last weekend, I went with my Spanish flatmate Maite to Cashel. Unfortunately, it was rainy and we mis-timed the buses so that we arrived in Cashel just as the Rock of Cashel and Cashel Castle were closing. However, we got nice pictures (on my film camera) and enjoyed a day out of Limerick. On top of that, we drank a lot of tea and coffee to warm ourselves while waiting for bus changes and such, and in the meantime met some nice Irish guys who were having a good old
Blarney Castle GroundsBlarney Castle GroundsBlarney Castle Grounds

Blarney Castle, Ireland
time in the local Cashel pub. They bought us two rounds of coffee and tea before we headed back to Limerick, and in general, it was a humorous event for both Maite and I. Also, as Maite wanted me to try to practice Spanish with her, we spent the whole day talking in Spanish. It was a little difficult for me, but in general, I think I did fairly well.

Yesterday, I went with the International Society on a trip to Cork City and Blarney. Of course, I kissed the Blarney Stone (which is supposed to give on eloquence) at the top of Blarney Castle, and I toured the castle and grounds with Chris, my Dutch friend, and two Belgians, Dimitri, who went to Belfast with us, and Bart. It was loads of fun. The city was pretty interesting. Supposedly, it's the cultural capital of the EU this year, and it was pretty hoppin'. We walked all around the city, visited a few churches, tried to get a view of the city from the top of a hill only to get mildly lost in the suburbs, toured the butter museum (no, I'm not kidding), and played some chess at
The Sacrificial Stone at BlarneyThe Sacrificial Stone at BlarneyThe Sacrificial Stone at Blarney

Yes, that's me. Yes, I volunteered to get up on the stone. Yes, it's an ancient sacrificial altar. I mean, come on, we all have to make sacrifices, right?
a cool and fairly large pub called the Old Oak. Overall, a good day!

This week is business as usual-- finishing up a paper for my Irish folklore class, going to the CU and International Society meetings, and having as much fun as possible in the meantime. This weekend, I'm going to Scotland (I fly to Glasgow on Saturday) to tour that area and stay a couple days in Edinburgh. I'm really looking forward to it and will be sure to take loads of pictures! After that, Mom and Dad are coming for a visit, and there will certainly be lots of traveling done then!

So, that's been the last couple weeks, I guess. I'll let you know when more exciting stuff happens!

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My international friendsMy international friends
My international friends

At Blarney Castle grounds-- who said the Belgians and Dutch couldn't get along? (L-R Bart, Dimitri, and Chris)
Blarney Castle GroungsBlarney Castle Groungs
Blarney Castle Groungs

Pretty greenery from the top of Blarney Castle
Kissing the Blarney StoneKissing the Blarney Stone
Kissing the Blarney Stone

That's me! Kissing the Blarney Stone! (Like I need any more excuses to talk!)

24th April 2005

You kissed the Blarney Stone? You surely have tapeworms now. - Neurotic ex-roommate
28th April 2005

Your pictures are awesome and it seems like you're having an amazing time! - Lauren

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